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cape town and south africa ( in general)?


i miss south africa extremely, and would love to go back really soon to see the rest of my family.

Im only 13- but was born in South Africa.

My parents keep saying that its basically not safe we now live in Australia.

I just wanted to know if there is anything exciting happening over there?

any improvements?

is it still the same place where everyone is so kind, and giving?

please be positive...


Remember: South Africa is alive with possibilities, determination and strength ....

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    I have stayed in South Africa for 30 years and have had one car stolen. for rest of the time I have had a wonderful time. I am not saying there is no crime for that would be the understatement of the year.

    Can people protect them self from crime by taking proper precaution, Yes.

    And there is hope?? there is always hope for a better and crime free south Africa

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    I have lived in south africa all my life and have never personally had an experience with crime. Yes it it can be dangerous but every single country has their problems and you are not safe anywhere. I am now staying in the USA for a year and i miss SA like is the best country and i cant wait to go back. i have visited a lot of places in the world and South Africa is by far the best....the people are the friendliest, the food is great, the weather is wonderful..the whole atmosphere and place itself is beautiful. You should come see for yourself. Proudly south african!

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    When my parents left Rhodesia back in '76 they hoped to return to a better Zimbabwe at some point. We had a family farm up there. My uncle stayed there for the better part of a decade and visited my aunt every now and then back in SA with us. He ended up with us in SA and our farm, well you now what happened there.

    Why I tell you about the ZIM deal? That's how I see SA future. Just going down the tube. We all are hoping and working there for a better future, some of us left at the end, like me, because I don't have the time or energy to fight off the politics and legislation coming down on the average person.

    One day when you have your own family and business and have to deal with what is best for both you will understand your parents point of view.

    That it is beautiful, absolutely! I miss SA too but I don't see myself living there within the next 5 to 10 years. If I look at the amount of people crossing the borders and the countless crimes on a daily basis on TV reports, possibilities are slim.

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    I am one of the positive people. I was born here and I still live here I tried to live overseas but I missed this place too much & I wont leave ever again. Yes there is crime but which country doesn't have it these days. The country has developed alot in terms of property development , shopping centres , we get concerts all the time that are great which we never had before. Afcourse you can go and see your family people also tend to exhagirate a little bit making it sound that once you arrive at the airport here your life is in danger and it's not like that. And I'm sure you family living here will tell you the same and they would take care of you.

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    You need to understand that of the remaining White people living in South Africa many are deluded into believing that South Africa is just like any other Country. It most certainly is not and your Parents made a very sensible decision and you should trust them. South Africa is dead with corpses and the only possibilities are crime and disease. It is only a few steps away from being like the rest of Africa so remember the good times,if you can, because they are over forever.

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    South Africa does have it's problems, as do all countries, but from a quality of life point of view, I think it's the best country in the world to live in. I stay in Cape Town and have travelled to England, Norway and USA. Everytime when I came home from my travels, I was glad to be back home.

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    i live in SA and not safe

    no inprovements at all just got a hell worse

    people still friendly but not giving

    down south better less crime and you dont miss athing

    come and see for your self if you need a bodyguard let me know i can keep you safe.

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    Look Dear i've been in this beautyful country countless times (all over) but unfortunately it's getting dangerous. Your parents are not the only one to live abroad by force. Hope a real peace will return...

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    Gina B. Cool site . Stay positive

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