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is it safe to use petroleum jelly as lubricant?

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    No. It really isn't. Especially if condoms are being used at the same time. It eats holes in condoms and is not water soluable, therefore , it just can't be washed out easily. It is a petroleum product. If you can afford Vaseline, you can afford kyjelly or most of the lubricants you find at the adult book store which are made with a a woman's health in mind. No!! NO!!! NO!!! Petroleum jelly is not the preferred lubricant when it comes to a woman's health. KY Jelly is! Thanks for asking. Great question!

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    Petroleum Jelly As Lube

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    It's only safe in the way it will not poison you or your partner.

    The reason it is not recommended is it is an oil based product and rots condom rubber really, really quickly. Like before you have finished.

    Unlke KY and such which are water based.

    Petroleum jelly is so hard to remove from you as a male after sexual intercourse and especially your partners insides. As it requires warm to hot water and soap to remove effectively.

    Source(s): Endorsed Registered Nurse
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    No petroleum jelly. Best lubricant:


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    Not if your using condoms. It makes the latex soften and it may cause them to break. Otherwise its OK but not the best - its too thick. A better lubricant is KY Jelly or any of the others designed specially for this purpose.

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    I use petroleum jelly on my hands in the winter, along with some cotton gloves. My hands get very dried out,

    to the point of cracking and bleeding. Do not use

    pj for intimate purposes. You need somethng water based--

    like KY jelly.

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    The thought of petroleum jelly, ughh :0

    There are far, far better lubes out there, but none tops the woman's own. Spend some time on foreplay. :)

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    Try K/Y Jelly.

    It is water based and a much better lubricant.

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    No, it is not safe. You need to use a water soluble lubricant.

    Petroleum jelly will also degrade condoms making the totally ineffective.

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    yes, if it is lubricating skin

    if you are needing lube for sex with a condom. NO

    petolium breaks down a condom, for that use a water based lube, like ky jelly ok?

    hope this helps

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