Is there any type of natural disasters in North Carolina?? Tornado's,earthquakes,hurricanes or flooding??

I might be moving to the east coast.....

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    Yes! The weather is awful & changes almost every day. Extremely cold in the winter... hot and humid in the summer. Hurricanes in the fall hit pretty hard all down the east coast. There's thunderstorms pretty much year round (except for maybe winter) & there are reports of tornados often. There's also not much snow in the winter. Instead we get ice... which is bad for driving. And the people around here don't know how to drive in inclement weather. There's flooding too depending on where you live. And we've been known to have an earthquake or two... though I've never felt one & they aren't very big.

    Source(s): Living in NC for the last 18 years.
  • 4 years ago

    I stay in twister alley, too, like CJ. we've had many severe tornados here, luckily I certainly have not individually been in one, and need to on no account be. The worst disaster I certainly have been in grow to be the ice hurricane 2 weeks in the past, whilst our section lost capability, some human beings for greater desirable than a week, and incredibly some timber and harm to residences. We lost a pair of timber and had roof harm to our porch, and there are nevertheless extensive piles of brush everywhere that could desire to be wiped clean up and burned, yet we've been fortunate, many human beings lost lots greater desirable than that. i'm shocked CJ did no longer point out the ice hurricane that SW Missouri and Springfield suffered las January, we've been there some days later and 40 miles out of Spgfld and each of ways into and over the city grow to be such devastating harm to the timber that it regarded like a conflict zone. i do no longer think of there grow to be a backyard interior the whole city that did no longer have timber down or severe tree harm, plus harm to the residences. In the two situations, the whole section grow to be declared a disaster section.

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    North Carolina seems to suffer from alot of biblical floods, volcanoes, and giant pterodactyls. I suggest living elsewhere, like Mexico.

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    Well I don't quite know about the but we don't have earth quakes here in the UK nor tornadoes well not that often anyway, just floods and a lot of rain.


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