Runescape--RUne long & scim,which better

long ge bonus is more,but scim is more normol,and expensive,which is better ah?why?

also,which faster ah

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  • 1 decade ago
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    rune scimmy比rune longsword既速度係快d,而rune longsword就會同scimmy扣既血差唔多。個人比較喜歡用rune scimmy,因為佢打得快,「兵貴神速」,而且價錢唔算貴(25-30k,大約係100-120隻lobbies)


    。所以小弟建議閣下用rune scimmy。

    以下係rune weapon既速度同攻擊力:





    5)b axe-比longsword更慢,不過攻擊力高過longsword同scimmy。

    6)2h-最慢,不過扣得最多血。攻速同rune scimmy比約等於2:3。

    Source(s): 小弟既經驗-0-
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  • 1 decade ago

    Longsword is a weapon with a higher strength, but compare to scimmiter, it is rather slower. Scimiter is a weapon which is very fast, I prefer using scimiter because I think speed is more important than strength..

    Source(s): mysefl
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  • 1 decade ago

    I perfer rune scim which is the most faster than other. I have been playing this game about 2 years. My combat lvl is 101 now.

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