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可以幫我翻譯英文嗎? 很短的= =

PS : 要過去式喔~



我不要翻譯機!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!嚴禁 ~


in order to showing her that I was not a boy indulging in play,

-------------------------------------------------> ↑這邊一定要用BOY嗎?如果是女生也是要用BOY嗎?

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    (一)I left my cram school teacher the impression that was a child who indulged in play,

    so she required me more severely.

    If I only get 90 marks, she will merely admonish me for my inattention,

    and never admire my improvement. She didn't hope that I was cheerful for it, and she thought

    that I can do it better.

    (二)Then, in order to showing her that I was not a boy indulging in play,

    I always did my English assignments at lesson

    and break to keep my English result at some degree.

    Because of it, I neglected other disciplines.

    Therefore, those well-done on my school report card were always Mandarin and English.



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    「國文」需要用 Mandarin表示,意指「中文的官方語言」。

    若使用 Chinese一詞,則泛稱「整個中國的各式語言(福州話、客家話也算)」。

    「愛玩」在中文的意思裡,不只是 like playing,而是比較偏向「一玩起來就容易沉溺」的意思,故我譯為 indulged in play。

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    Teacher's impression on me of continuation class is the child liking playing, so relatively strict to my request, if my mark is 90 fen, she will only blame my carelessness, will not praise me for progressing, she does not hope that I am happy , she thinks I am but also better .

    At that time, in order to let the teacher know that I am not the child liking playing , I finish class and write with the English homework on class, let under a level of maintaining of English, neglect other subjects, an excellent one is always Chinese and English on the school report.

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