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Where is a good resource to search employment opportunities with non-profits?

I am hoping to move from the corporate sector into non-profit work. I live in Los Angeles and would like to start exploring opportunities domestically and internationally. Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would suggest looking at national associations in your field (ex: for public relation - Public Relations Society of America...American Marketing Association, etc..) and if you have not already.

    You may also be able to find opportunities on job boards of universities that have a "non-profit type" graduate program such as Public Administration, Non-Profit Mgmt, Dual MSW/MBA, etc. Also, if you contact faculty within a social work academic department in LA, they will probably know of additional resources/websites to check out.

    Another option may be to check out organizations within the Americorps program. I am guessing that you are not looking to start at the level that they are typically looking for/rate of pay but the website does allow you to check out organizations within your field of interest. As I have done research with organizations in the Americorp program, I have often found full-time, regular opportunities. (United Way is also a source to find out links to local non-profits.)

    Good luck with your transition!




    State Association Job Boards:

    Many NCNA state associations have job boards on their websites where nonprofits advertise job openings. Click on the link above to view a listing of these sites.

    Online career-search, classified ads, and consultant registry.

    Energize, Inc.

    Jobs and internships involving volunteer management.

    Foundation Center Philanthropy News Digest

    Job openings listed by state.

    Search jobs, post jobs through this website.

    Searchable nonprofit job, internship, and volunteer opportunities (US and international). Tips and resources for nonprofit job seekers.

    Find jobs and publications on careers.

    Job listings by region.

    Search jobs, post jobs through this website.

    Post a job, resume, subscribe to the Employer Newsletter for small fees.

    Searchable nonprofit job opportunities in selected states.

    Browse jobs by position, receive career advice.

    Source(s): research, interviews, and experience in nonprofit field
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  • 4 years ago

    As somebody who has spent my occupation in the two recruiting and possessing/working a social media consulting organization, i will declare that this appears like a unsolicited mail e mail. although, I believe the previous remark which you will call. i does no longer get right into an prolonged pastime of emailing from side to side. call. confirm they could provide you specifics on the region and on who they're. in the event that they invite you in for an interview yet provide you no information on the region or corporation, that's possibly they're a corporation like American earnings existence or Bankers existence and Causality that's seeking to get as many bodies interior the door to interview as achieveable. With that stated, it remains possibly the e mail is unsolicited mail.

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