death note?

what would you do if the death note came to your posession? would you also rid the world of criminals?


from the anime death note. if a human came into posession of this death note, he has the ability to kill people by only writting the name of the human that he/she intends to kill.

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  • klr
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    1 decade ago
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    i answered a similar question in the law & ethics category, this is my answer. it's kinda long though. :)

    i had already decided what i would do if i had a death note. im not getting rid of it since it's too awesome, that would be first.

    second: now i'm not just saying this, but i sorta think along the same lines as Light does. i do agree with him that our system is flawed, and the guilty aren't punished just because you can't find a fingerprint on a gun. if i had a death note, i might just do the same thing as he does, and create a "utopia" of my own (i'm not gonna be a god though, i think that's too much. i prefer still a democratic rule worldwide). i can say this because in my country people are being murdered left and right without the police ever convicting anyone (like the murderer of my dad's best friend). it's a better reason to kill than to do it out of cold blood.

    the trouble is, how are you gonna sort out the ones who are guilty from the ones wrongly accused? well, ive yet to find an answer to that, to be honest. but im sure there's a way.

    another problem is: who am i to judge people? unlike light, i don't think i'm above the rest of the world no matter how smart i am. but once you have a death note, you'll start to think, "someone above obviously gave me the power to change the world, why not use it?" it sounds a little delusional, but i think it will be a common reaction, once you've gotten over the shock of finding the note and have mustered the courage. if this is the case, then let's hope whoever finds a note IS smart.

    as for the people who'd get in my way to a perfect world: well, they're in my way. the reaction from anyone would be to defend what they think is right. i'll try to avoid having to kill them, but i might if they get too close. but if i'm smart and clever enough, they won't ever find out. i mean, in the real world, who would think of a notebook killing people? and we also don't have any Ls, or nears or mellos, so i think i'd be safe more or less. (but if i can't be kira doing the judgment thing, i would catch the guy who is. its kinda hypocritical, sorry)

    we also don't have any real death notes, which really suck. ;)

    this kinda makes me look like i'm on kira's side, but actually, i'm not. i'm on L, near, and mello's side. yeah i'm in love with L and mello. <3

  • sora
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    1 decade ago

    if I have it, I'll just return it to it's shinigami, I don't wanna kill other human. It's really wonderful if the world is peaceful, no crimes or bad people, but that is human's habit. If all human was good, so there's no 1 go to hell, right.

  • 1 decade ago

    What kind of death note? A last letter of a suicidal person, or a death threat?

    If it were a threat, I wouldn't really worry, because I haven't a whole lot to lose in life. To my misfortune a potential assailant would probably try to shoot me several times, and miss completely.

    Yes, I would rid the world, not only of criminals, but of people who just make others miserable.

  • 1 decade ago

    sorry to bump in, but I really laughes at your comment, perfectly.

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