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Whats the current situation in Somalia?

What is the UN and world doing to help stop the violence.

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    After being in turmoil for over 20-30 years the country is a MESS.

    There is a internim government that the UN is protecting but like most the past ones they are a weak government and do little to stop the violence or find answers to the problems.

    Here is a great article that exposes the major problem in Somalia - The Terrorist and Anarchists.

    The New York Times

    Profiteers in cities like Galkayo see the government as a threat.

    A whole class of opportunists — from squatter landlords to teenage gunmen for hire to vendors of out-of-date baby formula — have been feeding off the anarchy in Somalia for so long that they refuse to let go.

    They do not pay taxes, their businesses are totally unregulated, and they have skills that are not necessarily geared toward a peaceful society.

    In the past few weeks, some Western security officials say, these profiteers have been teaming up with clan fighters and radical Islamists to bring down Somalia’s transitional government, which is the country’s 14th attempt at organizing a central authority and ending the free-for-all of the past 16 years.

    They are attacking government troops, smuggling in arms and using their business savvy to raise money for the insurgency. And they are surprisingly open about it.

    Omar Hussein Ahmed, an olive oil exporter in Mogadishu, the capital, said he and a group of fellow traders recently bought missiles to shoot at government soldiers.

    “Taxes are annoying,” he explained.

    Maxamuud Nuur Muradeeste, a squatter landlord who makes a few hundred dollars a year renting out rooms in the former Ministry of Minerals and Water, said he recently invited insurgents to stash weapons on “his” property. He will do whatever it takes, he said, to thwart the government’s plan to reclaim thousands of pieces of public property.

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    he African Union troops in Mogadishu have been involved in cleaning operations in the Somali capital Thursday. The troops could be seen removing piles of junk around KM 4 where they are based.

    Military pickup trucks were used to carry the rubbish as a large number of Ugandan forces were stationed at the corners of the intersection near Mogadishu international airport. Somalis also took roles in the cleaning operations.

    Africa 2007

    Captain Paddy Ankunda, AU army spokesman fro Somalia, told Shabelle that preserving the sanitation of the city is part of efforts by the AU forces to restore peace and tranquility into the Somali metropolis. "We want to clean the capital because this will enable people in Mogadishu to enjoy healthy life," he said.

    Ugandan forces have been assisting the IDPs in Mogadishu and d they have been quite evident in the streets of the capital after the Somali interim government took control of Mogadishu late last month, defeating the Islamists.

    Meanwhile an explosion in which two government soldiers were killed occurred near Ambassador Hotel that houses number of government bureaucrats. The area is frequented by Ugandan AMISOM troops and the Somali forces.

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