Any suggestions for some fun games to play with a high school class?

I am the teacher in a high school classroom and my students love to play games. We have played the same games for such a long time that many of them are losing their fun. Any suggestions for fun, SIMPLE games to play? They can be educational or just for fun (sometimes right after lunch we will play a game for 10 or so minutes just for fun before we start working). Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Have everyone write on a piece of paper something that describes them, then ball it up and wait until everyong is finished. When all are done, everyone throws their paper toward the middle of the room. All students pick up one paper and take turns reading and figuring out who wrote it?

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    Yes I am a senior in high school and in my advanced math class we played lifeboat. This is a game where everybody in the class participates. So the whole class forms a big circle (desks are moved back) So you as a teacher gets to decide how many per lifeboat. So lets say: 2 per life boat, 2 people would hook arms with each other. and then you would tell them to separate and you would say anothe rnummber per lifeboat.... 5 a group of 5 peole would hook arms so that other people can't break in. The people who don't hve 5 in their group are out and so on... So you would keep on playing until there are 2 winners

    This game can become violent as more and more people are eliminated from the game. People can break into other groups. But you don't have to tell ur students that. they would do anything to stay in the game. Good Luck

  • 1 decade ago

    Get an overhead version of SET. It's really fun and mentally challenging. It's also a great game for ELL students. It's not cheap, but nothing worth having ever is. It's like or something.

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    Silent Ball... I know it seems juvenile, but during my senior year in high school, we had a lot of projects due in my Advanced Composition (Honors English) class. Our teacher brought in a ball and we played silent ball once a week, to loosen us up.

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