Info on AP classes?

Hi, I've never taken an AP class before, so I'm a little hesitant. Two questions:

1.How many hours do you study for an AP class per night?

2.Does it really prepare you for college well? Is it possible to get an A without being burned out?

And if you guys have any other tips or info I would appreciate it.

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    AP classes are a great way to prepare yourself for college and to earn college credits at the same time. Depending on which AP class you want to take, the studying time varies greatly. Usually, you want to take AP courses that will apply or relate to your future career field. For example, if you plan to go into business, you might want to take AP Micro/MacroEconomics and AP English Language. Or, AP Chemistry and Biology for a biochem major.

    You can take more than one AP class at a time also. The study time really depends on the school you are at and the teacher. Some teachers are very laidback while others enforce mandatory saturday study sessions. Needless to say, the more APs you have, the longer your studying sessions will need to be. As a general rule of thumb, AP courses require at least one hour of reading every few days. There is a lot of memorization involved and it takes effort, depending on your subject background, to get the grade you want. It is important for you to realize whether or not you want to make the effort to study that subject. Paying $83 for each subject will go to waste if you decide to drop out of that course later on.

    Yes, APs do prepare you for college. They cover the introductory college course materials so that when you get into your freshman year of college, you will feel confident since you've been exposed to the topics already. If you have questions on specific AP courses, message me. I can tell you about many of them. I've taken AP World History, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics, Calculus BC. Check out the collegeboard link below for more info. All the AP subjects offered are on the left hand scroll down list.

    Good luck! =)

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    It really depends on the class and the teacher as to the amount of time you spend studying. English, for example, doesn't usually require much studying, but you have to read, so that would depend on how fast a reader you are. For me, each class took an average of a half hour of homework, but I work faster than most people (mostly because I don't multitask while I'm doing my homework). If you are generally a good student, and willing to do all the work, you can make an A and do well on the AP test. I also think that it is good preparation for college since it is a lot of work. So, good luck in your AP class(es)!

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    My experience: AP Chemistry

    1. On nights before tests, I would study about 30 minutes to an hour. Homework was lengthy and I spent about three or four hours for each unit's homework. Our class would have one unit a week.

    2. I got a 96% in the class and didn't burn out. Definitely manageable, but very far from "blow-off". Expect to work, but don't believe the stories of students dying from these classes.

    By all means, take these classes. They are a true step above regular curriculum offered at many high schools.

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    What AP class are you taking? It really all depends on you. If you know you want to go to college you should do all you can to prepare for it now. This will be an excellent way to do that. And you shouldnt have to study every night. If you want to make an A you will. The good thing is you will have that class out of the way and it will lighten your load when you start college. YOU SHOULD DO IT!!!

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    AP US History has been the best class I've ever taken. It was hard work, but it was worth it. I've gotten so much out of the class.

    I probably spent 6-9 hours a week reading, but that was only until i found a study group to split up the reading, and I didn't really study because i was so busy reading. If you do all of the reading (or read all of the notes) you'll be fine.

    I'm taking the test tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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    Haha im almost done with my AP world History class. (next weeks the final test! YES!) and id say that if you want to join an AP class, it should be something that you enjoy doing and wouldnt mind spending an hour or so on homework every night. To get a good grade it would be an hour or so, but i blew most of it off cause i dont like history so i barely passed with a D >_>. Im gunna take AP Chemisty next year cause i like it, and i hope it turns out well :D.

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    AP classes are hard. To some students, it comes easy and to some they have to work harder.

    It definitely prepares you for college because you do learn the information you would use in the introductory level of that particular class...if you get a good score on your AP exam, you can even place out of the class in your university (if they accept your AP exam score).

    I took several AP classes, it was a daily workload but it was all worth it in the end...

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    1) Depends on the course. Some AP classes I spent one or two hours per week on, others were considerably more.

    2) Nope, isn't anything like a college course. I'm sure the math classes are far more akin to their college counterparts, but the histories, psychology, etc. were really nothing like real college courses. They require more root memorization and far less analysis.

    Source(s): I'm a senior in college and have taken more AP and college courses than I care to think about.
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    I took AP classes when I was in school.If you pass the AP exams (a 3 I beleive) you receive college credit for those classes- usually 3 credits. This is great- that saves you around 300 dollars! BUT the classes are tougher. I was a great student and barely passed the finals. But it is worth it for those free college credits!

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    it all depends on the teacher. it's great to get college credits while still in highschool, though. i wish i would've. i know someone that took so many ap classes that she is going to be able to skip her sophomore year in college. go for it!! you have to take a test at the end of the year though so be sure you do study and understand what's going on, otherwise you probably won't pass the test and won't get the college credit.

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