Just removed a tick: am I okay?

Okay, awkward way to word the question. Anyway:

I just got back from a day-long hike in the woods in northern new jersey. On the bus ride back I found one tick on my sock (easily removed). I assumed that was it. While I was taking a bath a few minutes ago, I found another latched onto my belly button! It was pretty friggin' terrifying. Of course, not knowing how to deal with ticks, I just pulled it off with brute force like a moron. Of course, just a few minutes ago I learned that the head can deattach that way! At any rate, I don't see anything remaining in the area, and I swabbed it with a cotton ball and some alcohol.

I checked everywhere else on my body pretty well; I don't think there are any more.

Unfortunately, the tick was washed down the drain so I can't bring it to someone who'd identify it.

My question is, do you think I'll be okay now? Is it likely that I contracted a tick-borne ailment such as Lyme disease from that one bite? Any other general advice? Thanks.


((Thanks for all of your helpful answers! I feel much better now. I'll pick a best answer in a little while.

Just for the record, after looking at pictures online, I'm *pretty* sure it was an adult deer tick. Ouch!))

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    Well, you didn't remove it properly that's for sure. This can cause problems in addition to the head remaining in the skin. Let's assume that you pulled the head out too. But when you just grab and pull a tick, it may actually regurgitate some of its stomach fluids back into the wound, which is what might cause Lyme Disease, Tularemia, Colorado Tick Fever or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

    Most ticks do not carry disease however. So you may be just fine.

    Right now all you should do is watch. Make sure the wound heals, if it doesn't see a doctor the head may still be in there causing infection. Also for the next few weeks, watch for a rash, usually a circular rash that occurs not too long after the bite around the wound. Watch for redness soreness. If you have any of these, see a doctor.

    Other symptoms of problems: muscle or joint aches, stiff neck, headache, weakness, fever, swollen lymph nodes, and other flu-like symptoms.

    Chances are you will be just fine however.

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    Do not PANIC!! Tis' quite alright. If you get a rash (Darke in color in the center and then lighter colors to the outside) then you should go to a doctor, If you develop a high temp w/ flu like symptoms, then you should see a doctor. Not every tick will infect you with the virus (One of about Seven) virus's that are carried by them. It is just good protocal to watch out for certain signs and or symptoms. Alcahol was a good thing to do, you may also apply an antibiotic ointment such as neosporin. An alcohol swab and a bottle of Iodine are really

    good to keep on hand when camping or hiking for just this sort of thing, a small bottle with white vinager is also good to have to treat stings and bug bites. Next time you go on a hike,

    here is a few pointers for avoiding the nasty insects, You can

    take Black walnuts (Green is best) and pulverise this mix the extract with water and spray yourself with it, this will keep most mosquito's and other biting isects away. You can also purchase some yellow sulfur and put this powder into an old sock (no holes). and before you adventure out into the trails, you take this sock and beat it against your pantlegs and around the feet and basically any where you are fully clothed, and this will keep the ticks off. (It does not smell pretty, but it does the job.) These two things are proven effective in the deep jungles and harsh terrain that the American Vets have

    marched through, and is also what was used long befor there was a spray repelant.

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    Hi when dealing with ticks - you have to be very careful that you don't leave the head in. You may get 'tick fever.' If it goes unchecked you may feel unwell, and may need to see a doctor as a last resort.

    To remove a tick, grasp it with tweezers right at the skin line. Grab as close to the tick's head as possible and gently pull it out. This way it comes out nicely -head, heels and all. Then drop it in a small jar of alcohol. This kills the tick and also keeps it preserved in case your doctor needs to test it for diseases. Then put a bit of antiseptic cream on the area and cover with a bandaid.

    After taking it/them out don't just chuck it anywhere or flush it down the toilet or just put it in the rubbish. Just because it is detached doesn't mean to say it's dead. If you don't dispose of it/them in the proper way - you could have ticks crawling around the place.

    If you can't reach the place where you've found the tick get another person to do it for you.

    I've had a few ticks in my time.

    Hope this helps


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    Well Doctor Quinn it sounds like you have everything under control and did very well. The only thing you should watch for is if there is a red ring around the infect area looking like a bulls eye or any redness at all but I really think you took care of it and you have no need to worry. I have to say by reading your note you are a funny person and you have a great Personality LOL.

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    you need to be careful when removing ticks. i took a tweezers the other night and removed one from my boyfriend. pulled some skin off but that way i KNEW for sure i got the head. you could still contract lime disease just keep an eye on the area if it starts to change colors like turn yellow see your doctor. other wise just keep cleaning the area so it dont get infected and be more carful removing them next time

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    Yeah, next time do not burn the tick. If it is carrying a ailment, burning would reason it to eject infectious be counted into your dogs. you additionally can by possibility burn the dogs's pores and skin. Use tweezers, carry close as close to to the dogs's pores and skin as achieveable, and pull rapidly out. For now, dab somewhat antibiotic ointment on the chew and save an eye fixed on it. Take the dogs to the vet if he develops any warning signs or if the chew gets contaminated. it rather is rather helpful to to ask the vet some month-to-month flea & tick preventive.

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    Don't worry. Forget about the news stories....Lyme disease, or any disease from ticks are rare! They happen, but I'm sure in a couple of days you won't even be thinking about it.

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    If the bite turns blue or purple then you should go see a doctor but if nothing happens in like 5 days then you should be fine.

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    you got it and that's what counts=you will be alright

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