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Is custom hrt still in business?

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    I am afraid you may be out of luck. I had heard they were merged with another company though, so all may not be lost. Good Luck.

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    Custom Hrt

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    Well, it ain't cheap, but I can order from this one company and have been for years (don't know what they're called)... until C HRT. Now that C HRT is apparently gone, I called them up and they still had my order info, so I ordered a refill. They said I'll have my shipment in 5 business days. So we'll see. But if you want their number, it's 646-278-1048. Warning though... in about a month they'll start calling and calling to see if you need a "refill". Just ignore the calls (really only about 4 or 5 a day) and they'll stop in a couple of days and start again about 2-4 weeks later. Oh and price. I hope you're sitting down. $180 for 30, $220 for 60 and $260 for 90 including shipping (via DHL, adult signature required). And they only take Visa. I got a $10 discount, but I don't know if that's a sale or because it was a refill. They have a web site, but I have no clue what it is anymore. They're supposed to send me a confirmation email, but I haven't received it yet. When I get it, if it has a web site addy, I'll post it. I'm assuming they'll take new orders and not just refills. They didn't ask any questions I couldn't answer and they call no one for "verification". They don't even ask... or didn't today anyway. Good luck and if you find a cheaper place, please post. =)

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    On 5/10/07 I ordered from Custom HRT and now can't get on the website. I noticed on my bill I had been charged from a company called Nexos Therapeuticals. I emailed them and asked if they were the same company as HRT and their response was yes. So apparently they have merged or been bought out. Not sure. I am waiting to see if I get the medication I was charged for. Should be here today!

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    I too ordered from c hrt on 5/10/2007 they did send an email that my credit card had been billed. I checked and sure enough the 139.95 and 30.00 for over night. I then received another email of confirmation that dhl p/up. I checked dhl that said 5/11/2007 was the pick up date and 2am was in another place. Now I have checked again and it's now where I am but no delivery yet and 3 days later. I too can not get on bad host name. but if you click cahe in google page comes up but you can not check anything. I phoned 407/339/1331 it says closed only mon-fri 9-5. What is going on?

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    I also ordered from them two days ago when the site was still up.

    The next day the site was gone and the phone # said the line was being checked for trouble.

    My card was charged and I did receive an order confirmation email. But I did not recieve a delivery tracking number.

    I am a bit nervous, this puts up some serious red flags. I hope they fill the order.

    Does anyone have a better place to get meds?



    I received this email from them today 5/14/07

    "We are currently updating and restructuring the website should be back up in a few weeks. You should receive your order on Monday."


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    I have been trying to order since yesterday, and I keep getting "this page cannot be found". Its a shame too because I searched for a long time to find the cheapest meds and 3 months ago C HRT had been selling Phentermine 37.5, 100 count for $69.+ ship ($74 total) and since then have increased several times up to $139 + ship and 90 count!! It would make sense that they got too much exposure and will probably surface w/ a new Co. name with yet higher prices!!!

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    I placed an order 2 weeks ago and got it without any problem but when I tried to order for my boyfriend the next week it was a different story. My card was charged, then credited. I have tried for 3-4 days now and have yet to be able to pull up site. The phone number has been disconnected. This happened once before last year but it came back so I am keeping my fingers crossed

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    Is custom hrt still in business?

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    I can't say yes or no but I can tell you this. Last week I ordered from them and I received my meds in just a couple of days, no problems. I was able to log in on my account at customhrt.com and check the status of my order and everything. But, this week I placed another order for my husband. I checked my status just last night and this morning and it showed my order had been shipped DHL. This afternoon however, I have not been able to even pull up their websight. It says the page cannot be found. I checked with DHL and they said that there was no pending deliveries for me and I checked my credit card and it has not been billed. I just tried to check on my order again, but with no luck. It's like that web address doesn't even exist. I am going to check again tomorrow and hopefully their websight was just down today. I do have a phone number I found on my credit card statement when I was billed on my first order. It is: (305)947-2021. I hope that this has helped you in some way.

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    I just found out that Custom HRT has been seized for not being liscensed. Please check out the following article.


    Sorry guys....it was good while it lasted.

    Anyone heard of another good pharmacy??????

    Source(s): http://www.topix.net/forum/food/dieting/T04Q7O8VV9... This forum proved very resourceful!
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