what is nasdaq?

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    NASDAQ is the largest U.S. electronic stock market. With approximately 3,200 companies, it lists more companies and, on average, trades more shares per day than any other U.S. market. It is home to companies that are leaders across all areas of business, including technology, retail, communications, financial services, transportation, media and biotechnology. NASDAQ is the primary market for trading NASDAQ-listed stocks.


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    Nasdaq is an over the counter market where securities are traded. Dealers hold inventories of stocks and quote the price they will pay for one share of a stock (the bid price) and the price they will sell the share (ask price). People then buy or sell the stock from or to the dealers.

    NASD = National Associateion of Securities Dealers

    Nasdaq = NASD Automated Quotation System

    Source(s): Fundamentals of Financial Management, Brigham
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    it is a site to view stocks on the current market..

    you can see the ratings for each...

    I use it since I invest on different stocks...

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