im going on a road trip to from san antonio, tx to oklahoma city, ok any good suggestions on where to stop?

i am meeting my grandparents in oklahoma city to bring them back down to san antonio, we are meeting my aunt half way (they live in kansas city) any suggestions on where to stop from here to there, and where to stay or get a good deal in oklahoma city, budget about $90 for each room?

thanx in advance

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    When in Oklahoma City, you can stop and check out the Oklahoma City National Memorial in the heart of downtown OKC.

    While in downtown, our art musuem has the largest collection of Dale Chihuly glass in the world and is absolutely beautiful. Should you decide not to go in, at least walk by and check out the several story Chihuly tower that is in the front window.

    The Art Museum Cafe is kind of pricy but has great food. If you're a vegetarian, they have some awesome options.

    Our zoo is also really great, named the third best in the country. It's large so bring some really comfortable shoes if you decide to go there.

    We also have the National Cowboy Hall of Fame if you're into history which is very close to the downtown zoo.

    If you like live music, check out for any upcoming shows. We don't get much in OKC but you just might get lucky!

    While you're on your way, be sure to stop in Davis, OK at the Fried Pie place. It's right off of I-35 and there is a huge billboard letting you know that you have found it. While you're in that area, you could check out Turner Falls or Arbuckle Wilderness which is a drive through zoo. Both are great for photo ops if you're into photography.

    And of course if you love the slots, head to one of our casinos. There is a huge new one right on your way just south of Norman on the West side of the highway. Stop in and check out table games Oklahoma style!

    Also - while you're passing through the Arbuckle "mountains" take note. While they seem like just hills, they date back to 440 million years ago. Driving up and down I-35, lots of times you'll see schools of geology students piling out of buses and vans to take samples. PLUS - this is a terrible speed trap. Be sure not to go over 75 through here or you have a great chance of spending all of your fun cash on a ticket!

    Plus, since you'll be heading through Dallas, you can always stop at the Galleria! :)

    As far as hotels, it totally depends on what part of town you'll be staying. Oklahoma city is huge and the seventh largest city in the US based on size. It can take an hour to get from one end to the other. I'd use an online booking service to find the best rate in the area you're heading to.

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    I lived in San Antonio indoors the early 60s. My niece lives there now. It has a sturdy in between moisture element. once you're from El Paso, Arizona, New Mexico you're able to come across San Antonio humid. once you're from Houston, deep East Texas, any of the southern states on the Gulf Coast, you will discover San Antonio has an truly dry climate. there is sufficient moisture for some greenery yet now no longer the posh greenery of the better humid rain crammed factors. there is often possible of flash floods there. because of actuality it truly is truly a roving hilly section that's a topic matter on the backside of the hills. particularly San Antonio has a sturdy southeast breeze. After dark indoors the summertime, it is going to whether be indoors the 90s yet by using way of cut back humidities and that southeast breeze it truly is truly delicate. an identical is authentic once you're indoors the colour interior the time of the summer season. yet as quickly as you reside out in that image voltaic very long indoors the summertime it would desire to dehydratee you truly directly. I went to San Antonio in the time of hurricane Ike. sometime even as the hurricane grew to develop into into out indoors the gulf that they had a damp day. Then the hurricane went yet yet another direction and it grew to develop into into very dry and eye-catching.

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