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Can anyone name the phenomena of having a word / phrase at the tip of your tongue?

You know, when you think of something but cant name it, or a small detail that you just cant remember at that moment? I saw it on Wiki once, but havent come across it again... thx y'all!

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    Tip of the tongue

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    The tip-of-the-tongue (TOT) phenomenon is the feeling of knowing something that cannot be immediately recalled. TOT is a near-universal experience in memory recollection involving difficulties retrieving a well-known word or familiar name. Despite the word-finding failure, people have the feeling that the word to be remembered (the blocked word) is figuratively on one's "tip of the tongue." It is felt that the blocked word is on the verge of imminent discovery. Inaccessibility and imminence are two key features of an operational definition of TOTs (A.S. Brown, 1991).

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    Actually, its' not at the tip of your to speak. But in your mind where you know it is but cant retrieve it. Whether there is an expression for this or not...I am not aware. Not like Deja-vous where we think we lived a moment similar to the one we are in. Our minds are like sorters and collators where we file information for later use. Problem is most of us have a pretty crappy filing system. A book called "The memory book" by Jerry Lucas....actually shows us how to develop a much better filing system in our minds...very interesting reading.

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    Tip-of-the-Tongue (TOT) Phenomenon

    Ahhh...faster typists here, hahaha!

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    finally an intelligent question! Although I dont know the answer!

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    It's called a "Brain Fart"

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