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When is better to book an Easyjet ticket?Prices are always high in peak seasons...?

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    Keep in mind that Easyjet isn't always the best option. Check out http://www.skyscanner.net/ - a site that searches ALL low-cost airlines and can deal with several destinations (an entire country) at once as well as a full month flexibility for departure date. The prices it gives include tax and are displayed in a bar-chart. You never know if there is some new low-cost airline you never heard of that is just as good as easyjet (which is honestly not much of a task lol) as far as your destination is concerned.

    Otherwise note that some sites are sneaky and they up the price at weekends when more people are likely to buy it. So try to buy in advance, or during the week if closer to the date.

    Hope that helped!!

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    As far in advance that you know your travel dates and the easy jet site allows you.As always the cheapest seats go first so the sooner you book the better.

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