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what do you call?...?

what do you call a friend that's extremely kind, helps everyone in everything, and is very understanding, listening to them pour their heart out... to find out later that she didn't really care for you, or for anyone at all...

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    I guess you are upset now ..

    She once cared !! so she sure is a good person .. may be there is something wrong now ..

    Why not you start talking to her .. and see .. might be one of you are just understood wrong by the other ..

    Just calm down .. and then give it a try for friendly talk ..

    have a great day ..

    Good luck .


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    Seems to me that at some point she must have cared because otherwise she wouldn't have wasted her time helping others and listening to them. Obviously she has done something to hurt you. Maybe if you care you should have a talk with her and tell her that you are upset. That or if you don't care to be her friend anymore than just don't. It is possible to cut friends out of your life.

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    Maybe at first they did care, and maybe they still do. They just might be fed up with everyone. Always being there and listening and being the shoulder to cry on, and when it came to them, noone was like that for them. So they gave up and wants to make themselves and everyone think that they just dont care anymore. they're done with everyones crap. Just talk to whoever it is.

  • *Well they sure as hell aren't a friend.

    .They are very self absorbed.

    .She has no regards for anyone elses feelings, but expects another person to be all ears when she is in need of talking to someone.

    .How rude.

    .....I dont' think she is much of a friend.

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  • yowza
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    1 decade ago

    Phony. It sounds to me like she goes out of her way to be polite so that people will like *her.* Even though she doesn't particularly like her freinds, she needs the external validation.

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    A hypocrite.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think those ppl are called "hypocrite" ppl when you talk to them about your problem they tell you its ok i am sorry and deeply inside they saying to themselve does she or he think i care about her problem i men its your problem deal with them ur self

  • Ann S
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    Weird. Maybe they are having problems. They may find it easier to deal with other peoples problems than their own. Maybe they don't feel appreciated. I'd try to talk to this person. If they are willing to.

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    Back Stabbing B*tch... Hypocrite... and selfish

  • 1 decade ago

    a CHAMELEON,who changes with time to suit the situation!

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