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Can you still get an epidural if you have a tattoo in the small of your back where the edpidural usually goes?

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    seriously who made this up?you can still have an epidural if you have a tattoo covering your entire back!!why would it mke any difference?somebody who didnt want their daughter to get a tat told them this.its a new age old wives tale!!look at this site and it will tell you the same thing!!

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    No I've had a epidural and it leaves no scar. I even have a colossal again tattoo and I requested my document approximately it as good. The epidural leaves approximately the identical mark as an IV or blood draw. It'd be exceptional to attend to get the tattoo till upon getting the child, simply to be certain you do not harm all that paintings. And you'll hinder giving the child any sicknesses or infections, will have to you get a foul artist or soiled needles!! But scars can also be protected up too. So it is relatively a toss up...Good good fortune and I wish this is helping!!

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    I found this link. It seemed a little inconclusive, stating that it was more the doctor's opinion than anything based in fact. One theory mentioned was that there could be bacterias in the ink that could push through to your spinal column and cause an infection. However, if you've had the tattoo long enough, one would think that your body would've gotten rid of harmful bacterias.

    I just googled tattoos+epidurals. There were also other sources on this subject.

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    Yes. A tattoo is not going to affect anything. I have 3 children and have had 3 epidurals, the needle went straight through my heart tattoo on my back. No problems at all.

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    Actually you may or may not be able to , it depends on where on your lower back is the tattoo , i am 35 wks pregnant i ran into the same situation , i was asking about the epidural if i decided i wanted one and the doctor said if it had been just a few inches higher i would not have been able to , he told me the reason why but i really didn't listen cause i know now that i can , sorry i just know that if it is too high most won't do one

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    Yes, had 2 epidurals and had comments both times about the nice artwork. FYI - The epidural is typically given a little higher than the small of your back. Best of luck with labor and delivery.

    I'd ask your ob/gyn to be sure of their procedures considering there are mixed opinions here.

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    an epidural is generally given almost in the center of your back to numb everything below your diaphram. a tatoo will be fine do not however have a spinal block. the wear off quickly and I spent an entire

    C-section feeling everything and it was not pretty. I thought I was being gutted like a fish and trust me the doctors heard every foul word imaginable because it felt like I was being autopsied but my husband said otherwise if not for him I would have ripped someone apart

    Source(s): Life lessons of a stay at home mom of 4
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    Yes, you can have an epidural if you have a tattoo there. My sister, best friend and I all had epidurals and we all have tattoos there. Best of luck.

    *wanted to add that my sister has her whole back done, and there weren't any problems.

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    I asked my OB because I had heard yes and no. I do not know if I want one yet, but I want the option. I have a sun right where the epidural will go through. She just asked me how long i had it then told me yea, it would actually be an easy target.

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    I have a tattoo there, and I had an epidural with no problems and no one telling me they couldn't do it. :) I don't think it is a problem.

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