Would there be any benfefit to taking the NASD series 27 exam? i have the 7,63,55,24,4, and 53. eventually i?

would like to work in the main office at one of the larger firms on the street. however, i do not want to work in accounting, nor do i have the background for that. would it benefit me in any way to have it anyway?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Why would you want to be a CFO/FINOP especially a firm that would be considered fully computing. If you want to work for a larger firm, the CFO/FINOP will have already been decided upon. The 27 includes the reserve computation which is for firms that are subject to a $250,000 net capital pursuant to SEC Rule 15c3-1. They are not exempt from SEC Rule 15c3-3; therefore, they have to compute the reserve computation. Unless you go to a small firm you probably will not have the priviledge of being the FINOP. If you don' want to work in accounting and you don't have a background? DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.

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