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Do you buy a Mother's Day present just for your mom, or for all the moms in your life?

If your friends are mothers, do you give them a card or phone them? If your girlfriend is a mom (and you're not the father), would you buy her a gift? Is this a celebration just for your own mom? What do you do?

(I realize this is a lot of questions, sorry)

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    hi, I get my mom a present on mother's day. And all the other mom's i know i give them a hug and say happy mother's day.

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    Typically you get your own mother a present. The other mom's in your life will feel very special, however, if you do remember them. If you can afford it, buy a single flower for each of them and just put a little note on there saying "because you're a great mom" they will love you forever, I promise. Heck, I love you for even thinking about it!

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    You could buy gifts for any mother in your life, not just your mom sweet heart. Your grand mom, teacher, neighbour, step mom, etc A mother should not only be women with a biological Child/ children. She is really the woman who represents a motherhood to you. Do as you wish.

    And your mom should not get jealous.

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    Great question! In fact, I wrote about this in my 360 just this morning. I honor the moms in my life. I have my own mother of course, I have an ex-wife who is mother to my daughter, and the woman I'm dating as well who has children whom I am not the parent of. I draw the line at extending this to friends parents. But that's me! If they have influenced your life in some meaningful way, maybe it would be appropriate to acknowledge them as well. If I were married, I would also honor my mother-in-law. I hope this helps!

    Oooh! Thanks to an earlier person that posted! I almost forgot Grandma!

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  • *I went out and bought a lot of mom's I know cards and stuff for Mother's Day :):)

    -I give my friends mom's cards and tell them thank you for everything etc.

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    those people close to you like your mother,grandmother and your girlfriend (relationship wise)are the ones you could buy giftes for.your friends and relatives,etc. you can give the phone calls and do something extra if you like.I know it could be pretty expensive trying to buy for everyone.

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