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Does dallas police polygraph every applicant?

Thinking about applying with dallas police, or any other departments. I was wondering if dallas police polygraph every applicant, or they just randomly polygraph some applicant and teh rest get hired without a polygraph exam. I know some other department in the country wont polygraph all of their applicant.

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    a department that size , my guess is yes they polygraph everyone

    here in Pittsburgh it's a requirement

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    Every applicant will be polygraphed. If there is something you think they should know, tell them BEFORE you go in for the polygraph. Most departments don't expect applicants to be 100% clean, but they do expect them to be 100% honest. Whatever you did, even if you get past the polygraph, they have other ways of finding out the truth. And it can haunt you for your whole career. An AZ officer lost his retirement, pension, and job a year before retirement because they found out something about his past. Bottom line don't lie.

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    Yes, they polygraph every applicant, for any position.

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    i think most departments poly everyone. if you got something your afraid of, tell them upfront, they will take that better than having to dig it up and then you having to explain yourself later.

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  • Todd B
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    Got something to hide? If not, then you shouldn't be worried about it.

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