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The Old Testament and the Quran have more in common than the NT ?

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    Yes, Judaism and Islam are both monotheistic religions based on peace.


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    The NT was written by people who looked west for civilization. There is a reason the original texts were in Greek.

    The quran was written by a person who looked to the Mid-East for civilization, just as the jews who wrote the OT did.

    The books reflect a totally different mind set. For jews and muslims, the idea of god coming down into a human form was alien. On the other hand, the Greek and Roman gods did this all the time. The nativity of Jesus echoes that of numerous Greek and Roman demi-gods such as Hercules (born of Zeus and a virgin).

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    The Old Testament is the basis of both religions including Judaism as well. The New Testament is the new covenant

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    The Bible clearly teaches that sin separates man from God.

    It is as if there is a great canyon between the whole human race and the holy God. Sinful man cannot be in God's family unless something can be done about that sin. The Bible also says that the punishment for sin is death, but when I die it will be because of my own sins. Who could ever pay the penalty for someone else's sins? Only a perfect person who would not be dying because of his own sins, for he would have none. And there has been only One perfect person in all the history of the world, and that person is Jesus Christ. So when Jesus died He did not die because of His own sins (for He never sinned), but He died for your sins and mine. He Himself said that He came "to give His life a ransom for many." Mark 10:45

    Sorry, but the Old Testament and the New Testament are all about Jesus Christ.

    The Quran is Muhammad's interpretation of a moon god Allah that he dreamed up and Muhammad used the word of God to produce the Quran. Satan wanted the wonderful muslim people divided from God. Satan wants to destroy the Muslim people. The Quran is written to where the only assurance of heaven is jihad. Jihad is dying in a fight against the Jews (God's chosen people) and the Christians(Gentiles who believe in Christ) and if a Muslim dies this way he goes straight to heaven. Christ came to die for the Muslims and all they need to do is believe in what Christ did for them on the cross. The resurrection of Christ is recorded history. Christ loves the Muslims and He wants them saved. Jesus will show Himself to them, but the Muslim people will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ because it will be preached in all the world. Christ said it would be preached and the Bible has never been wrong.

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    Only if you turn off half your brain! Muslims only believe in their version of the Old Testament that suits them. They really don't believe the Old Testament, but only a form of it that is corrupted. It would be interesting to see a Muslim scholar to gather all the parts of it and publish it the way they see it. As far as I know, it would be too dificult for them to do, because their rendition is so abstract that it would no longer resemble the Old Testament. And they would be laughed at in their attempt.

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    Considering how different the NT is from the word of G-d in the Torah, almost anything has more in common with the Torah then the NT has.

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    Yes. That is why Judaism is incomplete. They still haven't accepted Jesus as their Messiah. It's also why the quran is obviously not from God. Why go back to how things were before Our Savior came?

    God bless.

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    Yes, hence Christians are called Christians because we have Christ in the NT.

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    They do. The NT varies more than either.

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    Where do you think Mohammad got all his ideas???

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