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So becuase our own government turned its back on 9/11 workers, Michael Moore is in trouble?

He took them to Cuba to get the treatments that OUR OWN government refused them. So yeah, lets arrest him, throw him in jail, and let him rot for helping American patriots who risked their lives to help at the 9/11 site. Next, we can start locking up people that give to charity, and then get the ones that help the homeless. Then we they are all gone, we can lock up everyone that steps in helps Iraq war vets since the VA is not doing its job. In the meantime, we will give a medal of freedom to the VA for NOT treating our soldiers. Micheal Moore did a good thing, and i don't even like the man. But going after him when he was doing Bush's job is hypocritical.

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    Michael Moore deserves to be in jail for being a traitor to his country.

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    And all this coming from the man who was a large stockholder in Haliburton.......

    The better story would be seeing Michael Moore seeking medical treatment in Cuba. Do think that would EVER happen?

    He was exploiting the situation for money. Anyone who doesn't see that is a damn fool.

    For those who are ignorant - it is illegal for Americans to go to Cuba and take and spend US currency. He asked for permission was was not cleared at the time he went. The fine is a maximum of $250K and/ or prison time.

    Clearly he makes money off the pain of others situations. To me, that makes HIM a SICKO!

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    There is no logic in your comparison to locking up people who give to charity. You are talking about someone that broke the law. Are you saying you promote and support lawlessness? I guess I don't need to ask, because it is obvious from your answer. If Moore was in this only to help people he could have laid down some money and gotten them treatment, rather, he tried to make a point, broke the law, and is going to get personal gratification and money for it. I don't disagree there are people in this country getting poor treatment, but there is no doubt that the U.S. has the best medical treatment in the world, overall. Unfortunately, it just requires money sometimes because insurance and government aid isn't always the best. But, this is not about that, this is about Moore breaking the law. If it was only about getting care for these people he could have done so, legally.

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    "The movie is meant to entice interest to their problem so we will concentration on it." Like what? What might we do with regard to the hundreds and hundreds who don't have scientific well-being assurance? assurance is a fashion of moving possibility. that's all that's. in case you have not have been given it you're taking the risk your self. what's the answer? For all human beings to be compelled to take the risk (i.e. "publicly funded well-being care") and pay for issues we would or won't use? the problem is that throughout the time of a taxpayer-funded well-being care device, not even counting the logistical subjects and high quality-of-care subjects, the human beings who artwork difficult are compelled to hold the burden of people who do not. The wealth is redistributed among "people who have not" from "people who've". it is communism at that's center. If Michael Moore broke rules, which he curiously did (and he KNEW he did, via fact he utilized for permission thusly signifying he knew he had to get it), he could be prosecuted.

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    Nothing ever changes. Two thousand years ago, they criticized Jesus Christ for healing the sick on the Sabbath which was a very serious violation of the law. Or have the "ultra-conservative religious right" forgotten their Bible history?

    Moore is focussing attention on a real problem in this country -- the awful health care system. In the process, he has apparently helped 10 victims of 9/11. Meanwhile the modern-day Pharisies say "Let's crucify him!!!"

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    This is payback for Fahrenheit 9/11, and because he caught them with their asses exposed time after time and flashed it all over the media.

    They have nothing to hold him on, so I'm sure it won't be long before they manufacture something to get him locked up.

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    Michael Moore is going to jail? lol, now that's funny. Who said there is no justice?

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    I could not agree more! I am so sick of the corruption in our government! The people need to stand united and take our country back! We have been hijacked long enough! *sm*

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    Y'all I told ya that Justice is missing in USA... so go ahead eat **** and die ;-)

    Source(s): How come there is no Law for Stock Fraud? The medicine for 911's
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    he doesn't care a damn bit about anyone but himself. he makes millions of dollars on his liecumentaries. fool.

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