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Whats the rush....?

when the divorce rate is well over 60%? Are you afraid your short marriage will cost more next year?

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    Daisykristina, where are you getting these stats from, because in my experience, it is quite the opposite. My marriage is much stronger BECAUSE we lived together for years before we got married. It gave us plenty of time to make sure that we could stand to live together and make sure that we would last before signing a legally binding contract. I advise everyone to live together first before you're married.

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    there is no rush. Rush into marriage? Talk about the biggest and dumbest move a person can make!!!!! If the two people feel they are going to be together - forever mind you - then plan and take your time. People don't do that nowadays. They have sex the same day they meet, move in together the next, and a month later are married. Talk about stupid!

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    I knew my husband for about 3 years before we got married, so I wouldn't say we rushed...but at the same time, we didn't pretend we were married when we weren't either...because the truth is, as far as divorce stats go, people who live together or engage in other "married activities" before marriage are actually more likely to get a divorce than those who didn't.

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    When my husband and I talked about marriage before he proposed, we decided that except for extreme circumstances (abuse, infidelity), we would never consider divorce an option. Our relationship is going well, and I expect it will forever. Not afraid of divorce here.

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