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If you had a doctor's appointment at 3:00 PM and you got off work at 5:00 PM...?

You decide to go to lunch at 1:30 so you can still have an hour to yourself and get to the appointment about 30 minutes early. Would you go back to work if you got out of your appointment at around 4-ish? Oh, and you have an awesome boss who doesn't care either way.


Ok, ok, you've also finished all your work for the day because you work the front desk and your job description is apparently to do your co-worker's job for her without her asking or saying please.

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    i would think it would be ok if your boss didn't care, and if you don't really need the extra money from that hour, go ahead and have a fun time! NOT AT WORK! =)

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    No. If you had an appt at 3pm I would not take a lunch until 2pm or so...and not go back to work (preferably I would like for you NOT to take a lunch and just leave at 2:30pm so you can get there on time and not come back to work that day). I would ensure my work is done for the day (or have someone else watch over my stuff while I am out). (unless your staff were really slammed)

    Assuming you are an outstanding employee...that is....

    Source(s): I am a manager....
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    i'm getting apprehensive earlier ordinary practitioner appointments. I hate medical doctors because of the fact as a baby i became into continuously unwell and had to pass to medical doctors' workplaces as quickly as a week. besides the undeniable fact that, I haven't any subject going to the dentist, as he in no way shows something going incorrect approximately my tooth and sends me off in 10 minutes

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    Probably not, although if my position at my job was of an important stature, I may phone the boss first to ensure i was not needed, as well as to show respect for my boss.

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    It depends if you are leaving unfinished business at work or not. If I had a slow day I would probably just go home but if there were things that needed to be done, I would go back to work.

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    Why didn't you just ask your boss for the time off? Since he is so wonderful and doesn't care if you work or not, I don't think he would've mind. However, don't play him for a fool. He is still your boss and one of these days he'll let you know who's in charge.

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    I would get out probably around 2pm and not return to work cause my boss is cool with it

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    Nope, I would go home after the Doc visit.

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    I probably wouldn't go back if my boss didn't care.

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    I think not. But you should at least call him/her to make sure its ok, you don't want to take advantage of the workplace.

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