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My cat is going in for a URETHROSTOMY. I am a wreck. Has anyone had any experience with this?

My little love Stewart is going in for a URETHROSTOMY today. I am so nervous that he will not make it. I have been reading a lot and most things say that it is sucessful, but I wanted to hear some comments of people and their cats that have gone through it. He is only two! He has already been gone for three days and the house seems so quiet without him. I will be a mess if anything happens to him. Any information or stories of experience would be so helpful right now. Thanks in advance.

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    I don't have any personal experience of this operation and have only heard of it to help male cats with urinary tract problems. From what I have heard you can expect a good outcome especially since Stewart is so young.

    I do know you can help him with his recovery from the trauma of his separation from you and the surgery itself by using the Bach five-flower essence Rescue Remedy. It will help him greatly for his emotional issues surrounding the surgery and cannot harm him in any way nor interfere with any medications the vet may give him for pain etc. Fear and anxiety are definitely detrimental to Stewart's recovery so I feel you should treat him for that.

    You can get the RR at most health food stores. You simply shake the bottle well, put three or four drops on your fingertips (that gives you a "treatment" too) and put the drops on the fur between his ears. Use it intensely when Stewart first comes home to you - four, five times day or even every half hour if he seems greatly distressed. You should see signs right away that he is feeling better.

    Source(s): I am glad you have a couple of posts so far to give you some reassurance that all will be well.
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    My sister's cat had that & did very well afterward - no problems. It was older when it was done, but it lived several more years & died of something unrelated. That surgery sometimes must be done if cats have had frequent cystitis or urinary blockages. Encourage him to drink water & eat canned food. I've read cats drink more water if put in a stainless or glass bowl & with my cats I think its true. Provide fresh daily & keep litter box clean. Some cats will "hold it" rather than use a dirty box - I've got a couple that are really finicky about their boxes as I used to have one of those "litter maid" automatic litterboxes & they got accoustomed to it being scooped every time they used it. Good luck to Stewart!

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    At his age and if he's healthy he'll recover just fine. The surgery is quite simple, although very much outdated. At such a young age, usually simple changes in diet, and supplements to keep urine acidic eliminates the need for surgery.

    If you're already committed to the surgery I wouldn't worry, it's basically a sex change for the male, the end result is a female-like urethra in order to prevent blockages by making the passage shorter and more straight.

    Don't feed your cat canned food, it makes no difference. Feed him Purina U/R dry and make sure he has plenty of water to drink. (Usually this simple change is all that is needed to avoid surgery, the U/R acidifies the urine, and has more salt content, making your cat drink more water, encouraging frequent urination.) The only thing canned food will do for him is accelerate tooth decay and make him fat.

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    Hello..I believe that is for the blockage problem many cats get, esepcially males & this srugery is alot better then them stones when they are prone to this infection & blockage which is very painful - as it is for humans who get sorta the similar thing..who day it's the worst pain they ever felt in their life..a friend of mine had it done for her male cat.. he was fine & much better off for it..Take Care :)

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    He will be fine. My cat had one and he was just the same when he came out. 'Cept of course he had to wear the cone for sometime.....

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