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tootheake what to do no money or insurance?

any advice would be great fo releif. tried teething gell and ibprofin. thanks

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    call your local univercity . my wife has good luck with dental students. brush with Sensodyne tooth paste

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    Try to go to a dental college. We use to sit there all day until they let us in. Look one up on the internet and then call or walk in. It's hard to get an appt online. They offer low or no cost. Or you can get a credit card specially designed for dental work. it's usually low interest rates at longer terms. Or you can go to your dentist and ask if you can do monthly payments. My former dentist did that. Also, sometimes if you say you'll pay cash, they'll knock off some $$. Get it fixed before it caused you horrible pain and cost more money to fix down the line. It can also lead to health problems too if there is an infection. Good luck! ;)

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    Are you employed or have income coming in? If you do you can go to western dental and get the work done and make payments. They take as little as 25.00 monthly. If you let a tooth go you will end up loosing it or get an infection and rotting the teeth around it. If you dont have income inquire about Govt. Aid.

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    To some extent clove oil will give relief to you. Apply the clove oil to the affected portion/ tooth. It will give some relief.Also warm water with salt garglin can also help.

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    oragel seems to work.

    drink high conentrated grain vodka with lemon. Thats probably the best advice.

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