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Question about recent movie posters!?

Why do they often switch the names around so it does not match under the face?


Someone in marketing told me that they do this at first to catch people's attention subconsciously ...... later when they issue the memorabilia posters they switch them back.

What do you think?

Next time you look at movie posters outdoors, watch for it!

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    or how about when it says an actors name, but they are not on the poster?

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    quite of determining to purchase, flow to your community video keep and ask them in the event that they have any greater advantageous movie posters. I used to artwork at a video keep and we oftentimes used greater advantageous posters for packing or we gave them away for unfastened.

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    Nope. It has to do with the perfomers contract about whose name goes first. Often the appropriate photo doesn't match the contractual obligations for the theatrical release.

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