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I have a MAXTOR diamond Plus 9, 80GB Hard drive, and it wont appear in my computer, Can anyone help me?

Hi There,

I have a MAXTOR diamond Plus 9, 80GB Hard drive and it wont apear in my computer, I have Windows ME btw, and how do i correct this hard drive problem??

many thanks, Dave!

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    Are you saying that you just installed an internal hard drive on your machine?

    I would first check your BIOS to see if your computer knows the drive is there (that is, the drive and its power supply are connected properly).

    Some computers require that the drive be configured as master, slave or cable select, generally by using tiny jumpers on the back of the drive.

    The documentation that came with the drive should help, and these drives often come with some sort of installation disk from which you boot, and follow the instructions to create a partition on the drive, select a file system, and format the drive.

    I am not sure how Windows ME/98 handle drive management. In XP, this is a matter of going into the control panel, click on Administrative Tasks, the Computer Management, then something like "drive management". A properly connected hard drive should be listed there, and you can use this console to create the partition, choose file system and format. Sorry but I don't know if there are equivalent settings in ME - this was not a very popular operating system.

    But the bottom line is, read the manual. Hope that helps!

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    hi, perhaps those suggestions will help: a million. Ask the kin member for his or her suggestions and if that they had a similar subject - what became into their answer to it? 2. Use abode windows explorer to confirm if the stress shows up there and if so high-quality if no longer then attempt turning off the EHD, unplugging the EHD, shutting down your laptop, re-plugging the EHD into your laptop and then re-booting the laptop. Now examine to confirm if the EHD could nicely be seen in abode windows Explorer. 3. became into the EHD emptied by potential of your loved ones member? if so it won't teach in abode windows Explorer. 4. Did the kin member get rid of any call that became into given to the stress which includes ''tension x''? if so it needs to be re-named as a manner to prepare abode windows Explorer. desire this helps and sturdy success.

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