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Recomend any Japanese or American songs that are SUPER cute?

I don't mean like kindergarden songs~ I mean like songs where the artist sings REALLY cutely, and sounds really cute and young. Please don't be insulting, or I'll report you. Thanks ^.^

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    American music? There are two that I know of that sound cutish:

    Barbie Girl

    by Aqua, from the album Aquarius

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    "Cause I'm a Blonde"

    by Julie Brown from the movie "Earth Girls are Easy!"

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    As for Japanese songs, there are TONS!!!! But note worthy ones (especially the ones that make it into Dance Dance Revolution) and these:

    Sobakasu "Freckles"

    by Judy & Mary, from Rurouni Kenshin

    "Oshiete Sensei-san"

    by Izumi Kawasora, from Bottle Fairy

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    i know some (from cardcaptor sakura and ranma1/2). if you wanna have copies you can add me in yahoo messenger and i can send them to you or just go to

    C. Sakura (all of the songs in CCS are cute) :-)



    >>Tobira Wo Akete

    >>Catch you 2x Catch me 2x matte

    Ranma 1/2

    >>Kasumi's song (badger song)


    >>Red Shoe Sunday

    >>Don't Mind Lai-Lai Boy

    >>Don't Make Me A Shrew

    >>Lambada Ranma

    >>Mou Nakaide

    >>Omoide ga Iappai



    >>Jugyouchuu no Shougakkou

    >>Love Panic

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    just like someone said..

    Sobasaku or Freckles whatever is the first opening of Rurouni Kenshin is..

    the 2nd one is Sakura Kiss from Ouran Host High School Club first opening

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    Three words: Takeshi no Paradaisu (Pokemon)

    (that's Brock's Paradise in English)

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    Tomoyo's song - Card Captors I think megumi hayashibara sings it, but I could be wrong

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    i think "pika pika no taiyo" from opening of gakuen alice sounds sooo can download the song from

    it requires registration to download, but its free...

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