Why dont use Turkish???

I think yahoo mail have so many users from Turkey. Why dont you use Turkish language in mail box??

So many people need this i think. Hotmail have Turkish mail so many people choosing it. I like yahoo so much but my english not well so i cant use it best.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your country/language setting – what Yahoo! Mail calls your “Preferred Content” – can be adjusted by following these steps:

    > Click My Account at the top of your Mail page.

    > Re-enter your password.

    > Click Edit to the right of “Member Information”.

    > In the General Preferences category, click the Preferred Content link.

    > From the pull-down menu in the “Preferred Content” window, select the country you want.

    I checked that list personally, and there IS a Yahoo! Turkey on that list.


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