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state tax payment check has not cleared the bank?

We had to pay in this year to both the irs and the state for the 2006 tax year. I am concerned because the check written to the state (kansas) has not yet cleared the bank and the federal has, they were both written on the 16th of April . Is there anything I should be concerned about? I am very nervous about this and am concerned that they are holding it because they found something on our return. We e-filed and used a very reputable accountant. What should I do?


We did receive a statement from the accountant that our e-file had been received, but I don't know about accepted. I sent an email to the state to ask then if they have received the check or not, but I haven't had a response yet, that was a couple of hours ago.

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    Don't do anything. You're worrying for nothing. (Unless you knowingly did something fraudulent-which you should never do even if the tax preparer recommends something to lower your tax liability which you know to be false. In these cases they come after the taxpayer not the preparer.) Some states just take longer to process things. I'm in Maryland and they took forever to cash my check. Also, if your return passed the IRS scrutiny, then I think it's further evidence that you don't have to worry. OK? Now go get some sleep!

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    When your accountant e-filed, he/she would have received a message indicating whether or not the return(s) had been accepted. I would not worry about it, but you could contact the accountant to verify that it was accepted.

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    Are you sure they received the check? I would say they haven't got it yet...because if they had received it, they would have put it in the bank while they figured out if you made a mistake.

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