Should i build a Windows or Web based system?

I work at a charity organization and they are willing to make a new local system to cover everything the organization does (get rid of all the paper work). We have SQL server 2005 and we don't have any system running now (everything is brand new). I was wondering if we should build a web based system or a windows based system. Whats better? I heard that web systems are replacing windows systems?????

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If organization require access to data from different locations then web based system would be better.

    If organization access data from the single point then windows base system is preferred.

  • Rex M
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    1 decade ago

    Ultimately it depends on your distribution, support, and interface needs.

    1. Distribution - is the system intended to be used by a controlled or defined group of people (such as an organization or group of organizations)? If yes - winforms. Or, is it intended to be used by an uncontrolled group of users (anyone who might be interested in the product, without having a prior direct relationship to you)? If yes - web-based.

    2. Support - will the system have frequent updates and/or changes? Is it inconvenient or impractical to deploy these changes to every user ? If so, web-based is the answer. If not, winforms.

    3. Interface - does the interface require sophisticated custom UI controls? If so, it is often easier to develop using winforms. If you only need typical form controls, web-based is often easier.

    Evaluate each of these three aspects and make your decision based on that.

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