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Domestic Abuse...what is a sports team resposibility?

A Seattle Mariners pitcher was arrested in NY for "biting, choking, and giving his wife a black-eye. In Seattle news we found he did the same thing last week in Seattle, but no charges were filed.

What is the teams responsibility in this type of situation. Mariners sent him to triple A baseball. Should they do anything else?

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    I don't want employers to have that kind of responsibility for many reasons. The pitcher is wrong, but the Mariners only responsibility is to themselves--to get someone who won't be missing games for jail and court.

    Think about it--if you make employers responsible for employees, the employers become parents in a lot of ways. People who keep their private lives to themselves at work would instantly be suspect (what are they hiding), and your boss would have every right to ask what you do with your free time, how often you drink, who you date, and anything else. Not only that, but they could then tell you what to do--and leave you feeling eighteen again (do I break up with her because my boss hates her, or do I say screw the boss and see if he fires me?)

    Since employees don't even get to ask their employers the same nosy questions they get asked on applications ("ever been convicted. . .", "ever been part of an organization that . . ."), I certainly don't want someone who's morality I am in no position to judge or do anything about to suddenly have a say in what I do outside work.

    Sending him down was a good response. He won't be a distraction for the team while he settles his personal issues, yet he will be able to train so he can make an impact if he is ever able to return to the team later.

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    No, the state law should do something. Why do people constantly think employers are responsible for their employees. Unless he was on duty at the time or in uniform. Then they should do something

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    it should be the repsonsility of the person that causes the abuse as well as the person that receives the abuse. It is her responsbility to report it and his to get treatment for it. We all need to learn to deal with our own problems instead of making them someone else's responsibility

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  • 1 decade ago

    They should sack him and drive him to the cop shop themselves.

  • 1 decade ago

    they should hold him while she beats the hell out of him.

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