How do we know that Cleopatra took a bath in donkey milk?

...and how sure is it that she did so? And if she did so, did she had a bath tub? Please do not refer to Wikipedia as the content is definately wrong. academic (online) sources preferred.

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    According to the legend, it's supposed to be asses' milk or mare's milk.

    "Evening: Post-work Pampering Cleopatra’s Milk Bath

    Treat yourself to an extra-special bath. The lactic acid in

    milk softens, soothes, and creates velvety-smooth skin. It

    is a known fact that Cleopatra loved to luxuriate in a warm

    milk bath."

    "Spa Tips from Office Spa by Darrin Zeer", Women in Engineering, Ohio State University, WINTER 2003 :

    "The use of cosmetics is not a modern phenomenon. Ancient Egyptian women used kohl to darken their eyelids, and Cleopatra is said to have bathed in milk to whiten and soften her skin."

    "ENGINEERING PROPERTIES OF BIOLOGICAL MATERIALS", Main Street Science, 2003, The Nanobiotechnology Center, Cornell University :

    "Throughout history people were also known to take baths in herb waters and other additions to the bathing medium thought to be beneficial. It is well known that Cleopatra, who captivated the leaders of the Roman world, attributed her beauty to her baths in mare's milk."

    "Colonial Soap Making", The Soap Factory :

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    Cleopatra Bathing In Milk

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    Beauty has been a sensitive issue for both men and women since ancient times. Therecannot be a better example of this concern than the reports of Cleopatra bathing in a donkey's milk to keep her skin young and glowing. Legends testify that Egyptians and Greeks adopted various beauty treatments that used both natural and chemical ingredients.

    The people of ancient Egypt made use of massage for cosmetic purposes as well as for therapeutic effects. Much has been written about Cleopatra bathing in milk and being massaged by handmaidens with mixtures of fats, oils, herbs and resins to maintain and enhance her beauty.

    Over the centuries, the theory and practice of massage evolved in Europe where an holistic approach to health and well-being was also being developed.

    The Greeks placed great emphasis on physical fitness in the

    pursuit of health and well-being. They developed many rituals that

    involved bathing, exercise, massage and dance for both men and women. Massage was used extensively for the preparation of gladiators and soldiers as well as post-activity to aid recovery. In addition, massage with oils and herbs was used by physicians to treat diseases and disorders.

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    The wikipedia is not wrong,,, You find me a mistake and then I'll agree with you... And If she did it would have to be a historical document. And no she wouldn't have had a bathtub she would have had some form of "pool".

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