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Help Me Out!?

I am 10 years old and my Uncle just got me a parakeet. I know how to take care of it and all but I am just afraid. I have being dying to pet him but I just cant figure out why he is always getting ready to fly away when I open up the door into his cage. I want to know why but Its not because he wants to escape. Is it? HELP ME OUT!!!

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    Your parakeet is probably afraid. Just think what it might be like for him, to be moved to a new house, a new cage, and with such big creatures as us around. I think he will learn to trust you if you are patient with him.

    I know that it's hard to be patient. I was 10 years old a very long time ago, and I had a parakeet back then too. His name was Billy. He was green, and fun to play with, and he got to know everyone in my family pretty well. He let us reach in and get him out, and pet him, without trying to escape. But, it took awhile for him to get that comfortable with us.

    I'd suggest you talk quietly to your parakeet. Spend time just hanging out around the cage, watching it, and talking to it. Animals don't always understand the words we are saying, but they definitely understand our feelings, and can sense what we feel toward them. Try feeding your parakeet from your hand. Anytime you reach into the cage, do it slowly and quietly. Sometimes just open the cage door, and talk to your bird. Maybe just open it a little, so he can't get out, and just keep talking to him. Then open it further and further, until you can open it all the way and he won't act too scared. Try putting your hand in very slowly, and not reaching for him. It will be hard, because you'll want so much to be able to touch him, but he needs to know that you can be trusted. The more you do this without reaching for him, the more comfortable he will get, and will know you are not trying to harm him. I bet that soon you'll be best buddies!

    Birds are just naturally a little flighty. By this I mean, they fluster easily, get scared and want to fly away. It's their instincts to do that, or in the wild they would get eaten very quickly!

    It's nice to see a young person who wants to take good care of a pet.

    Best of luck!

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    Lili's answer is really good, but I would add, don't try to pet him yet!! that will just scare him more. do as lili says and build some trust, it will take some time, but since you are 10 it shouldn't take too long.

    once he trusts you, your first goal should be to get the little bugger to sit on your finger. start by using a pencil (or something like it) and get him to step up onto it. you may have to gently press it against his chest just above his feet. he will get the idea. once he's used to that (and it may take a few days) try with your finger. if he's used to stepping onto the pencil this part should be easy.

    you should never try to hold him until he completely trusts you, otherwise he may never trust you.

    have fun with him, let him out of the cage to fly around when you are there and he will come to you. keets love attention and are great pets.

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    Aniamals can sense fear even calm down.

    Next get his wings does help.

    How long have you had him? If he is a new pet..he will need time to feel comfortable with the house and the people in it.

    You will have to earn his trust..give him a few cherrios..small piece of he sees you as a good thing.

    Be patient.

    Source(s): pet store manager and multi bird owner
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    don't rush the pretty bird! train him a little bit more..try some food in your hands and also clipping! but make sure that when you clip it do not clip too much feathers pet it everyday until it gets accustomed give it food from your hands and make it feel safe with you until it finally feels secure with you! hope this helped!

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    he's not used to u and thinks u might hurt it......u have to spend lots of time wit it or else it will keep running away

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    Everybody wants to be free !!

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