Is anyone a member of Second Life and willing to act as a guide for a newbie?

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    I'm a resident of Second Life and more than happy to help someone out. However, as I'm only a couple of months into it, I'm still exploring myself, so I can probably help out in basic stuff like what you can do with your avatar. (I'm figuring out the scripting language, so I could likely answer questions in that field.)

    One idea is to go to Help Island Public. There are usually a lot of avatars there, both novice and veteran. It's likely that someone there can help out on any general question that you might have.

    Source(s): Second Life resident who spends too much time hovering over Help Island. :-)
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    Yes let me know what you want to know and I will help you or visit They have many atricles and tutorials to help you get to grips with the world.

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