Was Rev. Sharpton's words biased against Mormons?

Reverend Sharpton said "As for one Mormon running for office, those that really believe in God will defeat him anyway, so don't worry about that." Us Mormons really believe in God. And in the bible, it says not to judge your fellow beings. Maybe the rev. is judging us on this. May I also add that we read the Bible frevent;y. We pray often and we do as much as we cand to stay close to God. Your thoughts on the rev. words or anything else that I have mentioned.

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    Oh yes. Ya sure dont see CNN going after him do ya? If Mit had said the exact same comment about Sharpton they would never let it die.

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    Oh my goodness. This proves the fact that the media is biased and only interested in sensationalizing what is unremarkable.

    Let history document that today, May 10th, 2007, at approximately 10:33 EST, I, Suzanne have -- for the first time in my life -- defended Al Sharpton. I know, this is monumental.

    If you listen to the ENTIRE debate Rev. Sharpton was having with an atheist, it's clear that he wasn't knocking Mitt Romney. Instead, his point was this: no matter what you atheists think or want, the Christian believers in the U.S are going to stand up on election day and elect a godly man into office. However, that man will not be Mitt Romney. Rev. Sharpton did not imply Mr. Romney doesn't believe in God; instead, he implied that godly people won't vote for him. *Why* is another issue.

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    Well, as we all know, Sharpton is a bit of an ignorant. I don't know a whole lot about Mormons, but I do know that they believe in God, and Jesus and all that.

    I think he meant to say that people who are not Mormons and believe in the "true" Christian faith (since most people in America view Mormonism as a cult) will not vote for him and he will not win.

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    Wow, I missed that one. What is HIS problem? That is one of the most ignorant things I've heard in a long time.

    We have Christians of all traditions, as well as Jews, most likely some Atheists, and who knows what else, in our government already. Most people in government have their own religion. Heck, there are probably several Mormons already in the government. And why not?

    We are a pluralistic society and we should all be equally represented, now for some Pagan Senators, yeah! It shouldn't matter what a person's religion is as long as they are doing what is best for the country as a whole and not just furthering their religious agenda.

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  • 5 years ago

    Rev Al has a right to his own opinion as do all of us. What good does it do anyway to "condemn" anyone or anything. Many condemn the treatment of the Irish, the treatment of Jews, the treatment of Blacks. So what? "Did the condemnation bring back the dead?" and yes Presidents and Prime Ministers and other so-called leaders "condemn" many acts, etc. Except those very same 'important people' are usually guilty of the same or similar acts that need to be condemned also. Rev Al is acclaimed to some. To others he is irrelevant. To still others, he has a right to his own opinion, as do all of us...

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    Sharpton is a bigot. I stopped caring about the words coming out of his mouth a long time ago.

  • KC
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    Many Christians insist that Mormonism is a cult and not really a Christian one. This is mainly because it considers holy additional scriptures that the other Christian sects do not accept.

    Sharpton was just showing his ignorance and bigotry.

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    Yes. Sharpton's a hippocrite and is having to backpeddle after that comment but he DID say it, no matter how he wants to play it now that it's come to bite him back on the butt.

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    Listen, to the cleverness of a thirty-four year-old {OX} that man is no different than anyone else in this whole entire messed-up world. His battle takes place within his own {SOUL}

    Source(s): AND THE LEGEND WILL {NEVER} DIE!!!!!!
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    wow deep but like i was brought up and asked in my youth group that mormans and jehovas witnesses r cults? sorry dude i i think thats what he means so like i no Jesus will be my only judge.. so if u believe in him i might vote for yeah? like dont mormans an jehovas witnesses have their own bible? we r told to run when we see 2 guys in black suits coming to our door? i did talk to them at the mall i think and they seemed nice :) but i think they were staring at my :) mostly

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