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How can I move on from past friends that really hurt me?

My friends all of a sudden got really angry at me 6 months ago and said really hurtful things for no reason. I cried for months. I am suffering from depression. I am trying to find new friends, but my school is so broken up into cliques its almost impossible to find friends. What can I do to move on and stop thinking about them? I see them everyday and they always give me nasty glares. A lot of people are friends with them too. I just want to move on.

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    I think I can answer this the best coz alot of people like them are around in this world.

    I know its not easy to make new friends and also to forget the past. Please dont call them friends, friends dont behave the way they do. U can change ur school but I think that is hard to do. To make new friends u have to join something like a music class or cooking classes or learn computer, well to make new friends u have to move around.

    Be bold when u see that nasty so called friends and give them ever more nasty glares.

    Be happy dear!

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    What kind of friends were they if they got mad at you "for no reason". There must have been something that happened in order for them to get angry. You know the real truth about who you are and about what happened. Right now, you're playing the role of victim. You don't have to be a victim anymore. It's time for you to take control of your feelings. Stop trying so hard to find new friends. Just be yourself. Love yourself. Know that who you are is just fine.

    You're depressed because you're giving all your energy to these girls and to what they say. Once you re-direct your energy to things that are more important, namely being who you are, you'll find that friends start to gravitate to you.

    You spend a lot of time thinking about what people think of you. Try using that time for something a little more constructive. Get out a piece of paper and write down 150 things that you like about yourself. Don't stop until you reach 150. These can be physical traits or personality traits or anything you can think of. At first you'll have a hard time coming up with 30 or even 50 but force yourself to keep going until you reach 150.

    Once you've completed that, you should be feeling pretty good about yourself. Make several copies and tape them up all over your room. Heck, why not all over your house. Keep a copy in your purse, in your locker, where ever you may need to see it. Then, every time you start to feel depressed, take out that piece of paper and read it. If that doesn't kick you out of your depression and re-focus your thoughts nothing will.

    The point is, right now you're giving too much energy to negative thought. Turn your thoughts to something more positive and you'll find that life is much better than you believed. You just have to allow yourself to see it.

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    I have learned in life there are no TRUE friends. The sooner you learn this the better off you will be and then you can learn to move on. I'm not saying that you should never have another friend but learn to keep them at arms length and the next time it want hurts as bad.

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    they wont right for you in the first place stop crying over them dont let them see you are miserable you will find new friends just be patient consent rate on things that do make you happy

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    i ave learned something in life

    never put ur happiness in ur friends

    then when u get hurt by the things they

    do then it wont affect you a great deal.

    make new friends but take ur time in choosin who u want.

    make friends with purpose-driven people¬ -tive pple.

    best wishes

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    find new friends & dont let what they do upset you theyre tring to piss u off even more

  • 7 years ago

    find a new friend or rather bestfriend :D

    pero wag ung FAKE FRIENDS or FAKE BESTFRIEND ah??

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