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How do I straighten my hair long term? Opposite of perm maybe?

I've decided to grow my hair long for a change. Thing is, its really curly. I've got my GF to straighten it with her tongs and I much prefer the look.

But basically I have absolutely no intention whatsoever of sitting down every morning or night with the tongs (hey, at least I'm honest).

Can you not get the opposite of a perm or something?

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    Yes, you can get a chemical relaxer, which is the opposite of a perm. If it is really curly, you might want to go with the Chi brand chemical relaxer. It is one of the very best. It is a bit more expensive, maybe $150-200, depending on where you live. If you do that, it is a big commitment, because your hair will be stick straight, literally. It would be a nice change! Good luck!

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    yes, the opposite of a perm is to chemically straighten you hair. the term sounds harsh, because it is. it damages hair and i wldnt reccomend anyone do it. Toni and Guy offers this service aswell as other salons if your really interested but personally i believe you should invest in some good ceramic straighteners. GHD's keep hair straight and smooth for days so you dont have to keep going over it. even with high humidity the hair will remain straight. if you put a bit of serum before styling your hair its even beter. should also know chemically straightening your hair still requires some maintance. slcik chick straighteners are what i use and i have very curly hair which is thick so i swear by ceramic straoghteners. if you look at other brands make sure they arent steam ones (they are crap) and a temp of up to 210-230

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    Yes you can straighten it the only thing i have ever found to straighten hair really good is buy a home perm kit and put it in your hair as directed but instead of rolling it comb it for that length of time i have done it aloit to peoples hair and my own and it works wonders.

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    Tony, honestly if you are a guy I think you're doing the right thing by not tonging your hair every night. I'd also think twice about getting it straightened...having said that, if it looks good then who am I to judge.

    There is a hair straightening system called Yuko which may be your best bet.

    Good luck

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    I agree with dawn b. As a former stylist, that is what I have done to clients that want their hair straightened. It works very well.

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    yeah you can. you can have your hair either relaxed or rebonded. that's what they call it.

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