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When politicians take credit for adding 50,000 jobs to the economy what kind of jobs are they talking about?

Are they talking about good jobs with benefits or are they talking about all the new fast food restaurants that opened and the new Walmart across the street?

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    50,000 new jobs are 50,000 new jobs. Could be in any and all sectors.

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    Well, I sell to manufacturing businesses, and I've had to look elsewhere to achieve my sales goals for the past few years. But I'm not gonna lay this on only on the politicians in power right now, the trend has been for outsourcing for at least a decade or more.

    The original concept was to move manufacturing off shore and substitute high paying tech jobs. Well, guess what? Now tech support has largely moved off shore as well, so we're left with fast food and Walmart (which buys almost all it's product overseas).

    So you can blame previous administrations, this administration, congress and business. Or you can look in the mirror the next time you're thinking of going to Walmart to save 3 bucks on a $300 purchase and ask yourself "Is what I am doing costing someone their job?" If you need further convincing, check out the cost of the gas to get to Walmart, and ask how much you really save.

    The major issue that business ignores is that, with lower paying jobs consumers will not have the money to buy their products. So this is a downward spiral.

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    It's the same assortment of jobs that they have always been, some service, some manufacturing, entry level, upper level.

    What is changing is the makeup of the economy. Much low level manufacturing has been moved to foreign countries because of cost. What has replaced them are new opportunites in the tech and service sectors, and as opposed to what many of the naysayers want you to believe, the service sector is not just burger flipping and gathering carts at WalMart, it is things like internet service, computer support, banking, customer support, and the like. Good jobs, most with benefits and room for growth.

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    Essentially, they're just saying whatever they can to improve their own image. The way that "jobs created" or "jobs lost" is determined can vary depending on how that information is obtained. The national employment survey, payroll increases, etc., will all give you different numbers of jobs, job seekers, and unemployed. Politicians choose whichever number fits into their point they're trying to make.

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  • Anonymous
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    Are you suggesting that there is something wrong with employment at fast food resturants or Wal Mart?

    If so, then you are insulting all of the hard working people who are proud to work at these fine establishments. How would you like it if they made fun of your occupation as a janitor?

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    The latter.

    Bush and the republicans actually changed the definition of manufacturing jobs to include places like McDonald's and Burger King. I guess slapping a whopper together is manufacturing now.

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    low pay over work and dead end jobs for all

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