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Where can I find a cheap privacy wood fence?

I'd like to fence in my back yard. Can anyone give me some price examples for a wood privacy fence and where the best place would be to get one? Thank you!

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    Home Depot or Lowes, But the problem is that you get what you pay for. The wood on the cheapest is sad at best, it warps, shrinks, pulls away from framing, ect.

    You could save up to buy a nice one in either the better quality woods or plastic. Until then if you don't have a fence plant some fast growing but cheap plants that will get tall. If you have fence like chain-link then do the same only grow vines. Fast growing Trumpet Vines will grow up if you pull poles and string trainers on the top of your fence.

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    Go with 6'x6"x3/4" cedar dog eared planks( a few dollars a piece) and 8'x4"x4" treated posts 2' in the ground. that is the most economical way to go. spray with stain or let the fence turn gray.

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