Building an additional room - How do I do this and who should I contact?

I want to build a new bed room - perhaps a size of 200 sqft or less. How do I go abouts doing this? Who should I contact? What do I need? ...and of course, how much should I expect to invest in this project?

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    so much to consider if you have little or no bldg experience this can be a big project but satisfying when accomplished. first get aplan drawn up by someone as you will need to submit one for a permit showing structural components (concrete footings/slab sub and wall framing, roof trusses /rafters and electrical) the layout of the addition compared to existing structureyou may want to hire a local contractor to advise you on what you can do yourslf and what should be done by profesionals, make sure any contractor you work with is properly credentialed.this is a lot more involved than going to lumber yard and buying some 2x4s so do your home work before you start tearing into things

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    Go to and look for a tab home owner. Yhey have all the questions you need for this project and who to call. The cost usally abou $200 per sqaure ft, but this is depending on what you are putting in it, ei: bath, kitchen, etc. and what are you are in. Get at least three estimates and dont pick the lowest and follow the nari info on selecting a contrator.

  • you need to call your town and ask for a building permit first

    they will tell you everything you need to do for the town

    then you do the work

    you need to figure out exactly how big you want it and then go to the building supply store

    buy your 2x4's and drywall and supplies you will need electrical so you need to hire an electrician

    have you figured out about floors ?

    is it over nothing or part of the house

    you need to find out what to do about that

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