How to persist this positive thought??

I have a problem. Something I am working really hard on and it's really difficult but I am pushing through. I am still in love with a guy that actually I cannot say was ever the type of a guy I would be with since he basically acted as if he didn't care. Soooo, now I am trying to get over him by saying that I do not want that kind of a guy to be my life partner, but then my ehart starts beating by just imagining his face in front of me and I start defending him immediately and it's a battle. One day I am all "**** him", the next one I am miserable because I want him. I hope one day I will prevail in this positive thinking that he should go and **** himself. I am not a weak person, I am just heavily in love. I shouldn't beat myself up over needing time to get over him, right? He is really SO not for me, someobody make me understand that if he ever wants to try to be with me to say NO!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Crap!!!!!!! Im in the same situation, so im no help.

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