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America's Next Top Model?

Who's you're favorite girl and who do you think is going to win?

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    Jaslene, she represents all latino women. She is the bomb baby

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    my favorite girl was Jael, but since she's out, then i want Jaslene to win. Jaslene's the one with the best personality and fiercer pictures. Renee is a good model, but her look is a bit too ordinary, and Natasha has a great face, but she makes up too much excuses and thinks she does the best in everything.

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    I loved Jael. She made the show so much fun to watch, she would always make me laugh. But I didn't think she was going to win. Right now, I like Jaslene. She takes excellent photos, but I think she is way too skinny. Like if you look at that nude shoot they did, her waste is like soo skinnny. Then I would go for Natasha, she takes awsome photos. I like the way that she always turns the negitive into something positive. But she is a little strange, I thought she would to much better in the last photo shoot when she was sick. Least favorite is Renee. Even though she takes good photos,shes just plain annoying. I do not want her to win.

  • Rachel
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    After last night's episode it's hard to like any of the girls. Renee looks too old, Jaslene is gorgeous but needs more variety in her looks and Natasha is just strange. Out of the 3, I hope Jaslene wins it and if not her, then Natasha.

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    Out of the top 3 my favorite is Jaslene...she really seems to want it more than the other girls, she has youth on her side (other girls look like they're 30), takes great pictures, unique look, upbeat personality and takes great photographs.

    BUT...Is it just me or were this seasons girls just not all that pretty?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i liked natasha from the beginning. i have to admit she is a little strange.with that phone sex she was having or whatever.

    i like jaslene the least, but she should win.

    just because renee is older and a mom. and misses her family all the time.

    and natasha too. shes has a baby and a husband...supposedly.

    and jaslene is just a young girl who seems to want it and take it seriously.

    but think natasha and renee are prettier/take better pictures.

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    I want to see Jaslene win. She is the only one that seems to want this from the bottom of her heart. Renee is just mean and looks much older for her age. Natasha has a few screws loose and is very unstable.

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    Of the three girls left, I only like Jaslene. I think Renee is ordinary looking and I am afraid that Natasha is unstable at this point. I hope it is Janslene that wins.

  • 1 decade ago

    My fav girl is Jaslene, but I think it'll be a toss up between Jaslene & Natasha.

  • 1 decade ago

    My favorite girl was Felicia because she is so cool, but now that she's gone I would probably have to say Dionne or Natasha.

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