Is it true that they are trying to ban the teaching of the?

Haulocost in England because it would offend muslims? I have nothing against muslims its just somethng I heard at school. Question number one is, is this even true? And question number two would be if it is...what is the heck do the muslims have to do with the Haulocost?


I fail to see the correlation too LOL Which is why I am asking. I don't get it.

Update 2:

People actually DENY the Haulocost? OMG. What is happening to humanity??!!

Update 3:

And Betty Boop...ok Ican't even reply to that with out getting reported. Needless to say, use your imagination with every really mean thing you can think of...and I amthinking it I assure you.

Update 4:

AND I hav enothing against muslims. I have defended them in life and on this board! I just didn't get the link between the Haulocost and muslims. As far as denying the Haulocost, there are skin head freaks in AMERICA who deny it. That doesn't exactly coorelate with faith.

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    I'm a Muslim and I know full-well that the Holocaust took place. However, I have heard of some Muslims trying to deny the Holocaust because of their hatred for the Jewish community. It's absolutely ridiculous if you ask me though. No classroom should adjust the teachings for the student. The student should just absorb the teaching and decide for him/herself whether or not to believe it.

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    Nothing is banned; the teachers are weakly choosing to avoid arguments in the classroom.

    The fact is, most grade school teachers are not very well educated on these subjects themselves and are not prepared to take on these difficult topics.

    You have to remember the outcome of the Holocaust; it was the creation of Israel, the primary point of dispute between Arab Muslims and the rest of the world. Many Muslims are taught that the Holocaust was exaggerated (or made up completely) as an excuse to send the Jews to create Israel in Palestine.

    Similarly, many Muslims are taught a version history regarding the Crusades that is not exactly in line with what the schools were teaching. It is very much like how they teach about the Civil War in the northern United States, but call it the War of Northern Aggression in many southern states.

    It is also like the challenges Americans face teaching science in the classroom, where Christian churches teach creationism and mock evolution. How does a teacher handle a classroom where half the kids are taught that the teacher is lying, doing the devils work and trying to undermine their religion?

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    One thing I'd like to say right now before I get into the meat of my thoughts is that I know that not all Muslims are desirous to behead all infidels, but I feel that these nice people are being chastised or worse within their own communities.

    So now, on to the main message...

    The link between the Holocost and the offending of Muslims are the Jewish people. It's rather obvious that many "not nice" Muslims would love to harm, rape, and murder Jews by the hundreds. The way that the Holocost is currently portrayed is that it is a very evil and horrifying idea to mass murder Jews. From that, we can see how these points of view clash: Either promote the death of Jews or promote allowing Jews to live peacefully.

    So it is strange that there is a strong enough voice out there that will enforce by the sword to change historical texts to favor their point of view. Even now, we can look at different things in history that ripple from this. One example is that the country formerly known as Persia changed its name to Iran (a derivation of Aryan) to be "better" aligned with extremist, Jew killing Nazis and extreme Islamic doctrines that are anti Jewish. That name change happened around the time of Nazi Germany's "rise" to fame.

    It is sad, because if people are trying to appease all Muslims, including the "not nice" ones, by not teaching the Holocost, then what they wind up doing is setting the stage for the Holocost to repeat itself.

    That's my opinion.


    Alvin R.

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    Yes, its true.

    The modern Islamic "Jihad" was seeded by the Nazi movement in the 1930's. Hitler hated the Jews and he planted seeds of hate through the Middle East. He even funded the teaching Jew hate among the Arabs. Just look at history-its all there-just look.

    Muslims (Islamics) know that they will eventually be publicly associated with WW II Nazism.

    The world will eventually wake up to this. The sooner, the better for all.

    More info:

    Originally the idea was to give the Jews a homeland. So, then all Jews from all over Europe would be transfered to modern day Palestine (old Israel).The UK had a part in this, maybe unaware of the real purpose. Anyway, the idea was to get all the Jews in Palestine-all in one central location. Then the Muslims could kill the entire nation of Jews. This would rid Europe of the stench of Jews (not my words) and the Muslims would get the entire blame. The Muslims are still trying to carry out their pre-WW II agreement with Germany-the old "Holy Roman Empire". Thats important-don't for get it.

    This Jew-Muslim-Nazi-Catholic-holocaust-jihad-Israel- Palestine- Syria-Egypt-Iraq-Iran-9-11-thing is much uglier than most can imagine.

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    I've heard this before but am not sure if it is true. I am an american muslim and think its completely ridiculous if some muslims are trying to stop the holocaust from being taught. What has happened to humanity? wasn't really good in the first place. The world is a sad place

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    The leading Mufti Cleric of the whole of the Muslim society urged the Muslim communities to rise up against the allies during the Second World War and kill them.

    Maybe that may have some effect on their culture esteem.

    Anyway Muslims don't like Jews.

    Source(s): That's life in history.
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    I heard this also. We do have a crash of civilizations. Satan divides and we are seeing spiritual warfare as never seen before.

    Satan is doing everything that he can do to shatter the power of the holy people.

    I also heard that the muslims want a state of their own in England. They want the country divided similar to the Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Islamic movement in America. Their paper "The Final Call" goes desperately after young black people to convert them to Islam.

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    That would be a crying shame. What is the world coming to?

    There are some muslims who are holocaust apologists. They believe it never happened and Israelis and Jews made it up. I am not saying all muslims, but those that originate from certain areas.

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    Many Muslims in the middle east deny that the Holocaust happened, or say that it was exaggerated as a way to make the existence of Israel look even more illegitimate.

    The UK is scared of its Muslims, and are willing to do almost anything to appease them, like Chamberlain appeased Hitler with their peace pact, thereby bringing "peace in our time". Right!

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    I don't know how true this is, but I suppose it reminds the Muslims of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 when the Islamic Turks slaughtered over 1.5 million Christians. Maybe they don't want people to start digging around in history because what happened to the Armenians has been pretty much forgotten. This wouldn't look good for the religion of peace, now would it?

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