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Sleepy Lizard Diet?

I lovely Sleepy Lizard found its way into our front garden recently, It has one bad eye so we decided to look after it. There are a lot of dogs and cats in the neighborhood so we decided to take it in. We have tried different types of dried and live food, fresh fruit and veg but not sure if its getting everything it needs. On warm days i put it outside in a large container so its safe. We rarely see it eating and thats what worries me. If anyone has had a sleepy i would like to know how you care for it.

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    I used to have 3 sleepy lizards in my "lizard pit" along with anywhere from 6-12 blue tongues depending on how they were when they got to me (rescues from cats and dogs) and the best thing we found for them was canned dog food!! Its got everything in it that they need and they like it. To make things interesting for him collect some garden snails when it rains and give them to him. Banana is also another thing we found they liked along with rock mellon. Another option to the canned dog food is get some chicken hearts or livers or anything like that that is small.

    If you plan on keeping him and have an aquarium for him see if you can get a "hot rock" from a pet store, i used these with bearded dragons and water dragons when i had them and then when my blueys had babies i put the babies in with it and they love it. Provieds heat and helps digestion of food.

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    Sleepy Lizard

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