where in NewMexico can I find help! My X's family has some how taken the law and twisted it to fit their plan.

used the law illegaly to take my daughter from me.My devorce has left me with nothing.No home no job ,I'm going to school to learn computers and gain job skills.But I can't help being distracted by by pure flustration. I was told by New Mexico Solutions,that thay would help me.My daughter were very happy.But the last couple of months I have found thay are no better than the rest.At the begging of the month I was told to tell my daughter that she would not be coming home.It broke her heart.But I also told her aginist there demands I was not giving up.Last week I was told that may 30th thay were giving her to his family.And It would be best for her, for me to just sign the papers.After all thay have money thay can do more for and give her more than I can,because of my situation. That was said to my face.Then I calmly said nevermind that thay are a big part of the reason I'm in this situation.Anyway long story short "I NEED HELP, please someone anyone.I'm loossing my mind,I wont give up!

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    1. Don't sign anything

    2. On your computer type in New Mexico Legal Aid, these are lawyers who only represent the poor and working class, they generally charge if anything, off your income.

    Once you get to their web site click on Contact New Mexico Legal Aid Offices, then pick one close to where you live.

    3. Don't discuss what your doing with anyone but your lawyer, call them NOW and set up an appointment.

    4. Save and take with you to your appointment with your lawyer all the paperwork in dealing with you kid. put those papers in order from the first paper to the last paper you've received dated 5/11/07 should be on top of the stack.

    5. Write down all the questions you have for the lawyer, before your appointment, this way as you ask the question you can write down his answer.

    6. Buy a little safe to keep your papers in locked up in, for 3 reasons, fire, theft and loosing them

    7. Make copies of the child's birth certificate and lock them away, because even if they were to move away with her. She could still be found by you, with that number.

    8. Don't give up and keep trying to better yourself, that's the best gift you could give your daughter, that's a role model

    Hope this helps, email me if you need too

    Source(s): I'm an Investigator for a Missouri Atty.
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    Contact your local Bar Association for the name of a reputable attorney (sometimes attorneys can take cases on a reduced fee or "pro bono (meaning no charge" or the name and phone number for Legal Services - which help the poor with legal services, or start researching the law at the local law library where you may meet some law students who could help you find laws that will help you get your daughter back. However if you signed the papers if may be too late. Good luck to you and God Bless.

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    Albuquerque and find the biggest bull dyke lawyer and give her a good cry, and $.

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