New Mexico attorney general child support enforcement agency?

My husband was taken to court by the New Mexico Attorney General on a child that his ex-girlfriend had and claimed he was the father. Paternity was ordered and indeed he was the father of the child. My hubby has been paying child support through the New Mexico Attorney General since Dec 2005. It is now May 2007 and my hubby just received a letter from the New Mexico Attorney General stateing they were no longer enforcing child support or medical support for this child. My hubby called the New Mexico Attorney General because come on we clearly thought there was a mistake. The New Mexico Attorney General stated that they closed the case due to the custodial parent not corroperating with them about this case. My hubby was told he still needs to pay his child support but that they would not be taking the payments or logging them. He was told to pay her directly. He asked for her address so he could do this and they said they couldn't give him that info..OMG what do we do?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    File something with the court! There has to be a court order. You can find the case number through if you don't have it readily available.

    You really need to talk to a lawyer about this. Where are you in New Mexico? If you're low income, NM Legal Aid has offices all around the state and, if you're not, then maybe the State Bar Association (1-800-876-6227 and 1-505-797-6000) can help you.

    The state bar has a website at that has a lawyer finder service.

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