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Girly girls??? Since when has it become a BAD thing to be a woman?

You don't see guys bragging about how they just love to go shopping and get their nails done and watch chick flicks.

Why are so many women ashamed to be feminine.

And before you get your panties in a wad, I was in the Army and still did not lose my femininity. You don't have to be a man to be liked by men. I would think a man would want a woman who is her genuine self: girly-girl or otherwise.


Zenithomega: Right on. Go BEARS!!!!

See, real women can be girly and like football.

Update 2:

I'm so glad I'm getting a lot of good, sensible answers to this. You all seem to get my point. Thanks!!

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    I agree with your last statement. I prefer women to be genuine and be be on planet Earth, not on planet Hollywood...

    (Thank God I am a man! How about them Bears!?!?!)

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    It probably happened about the same time it became a bad thing to be a manly man. There is a big group of people who are so afraid of gender roles that they have spayed and neutered everyone until we are androgynous clones. I like a woman who isn't afraid to be feminine when the situation calls for it.

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    I am not too feminine or manly. Sort of neutral. I dont get my nails done. Do it myself. Cant stand long nails. I would rather be comfortable then in heels all day but i would not say no to a dress.

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    I agree. I don't consider myself a girlygirl because I have a job that usually guys do & I relate to guys a lot better. I am way more laid back than my husband. He is the needy, whiny one. But, I am still a woman. I am more sensitive & have better taste than guys. I also know how to cook & I like skirts.

    I am just me. Everyone should just be who they are.

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  • Jim
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    I like my woman to be feminine

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    I agree with you,I still love it when my husband opens the door for me!! lol

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